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It may seem obvious, but it is essential for a woman to have a good state of nutrition and health before becoming pregnant. This statement can be justified with the following information: the nutritional state of the mother before becoming pregnant is more relevant than her increase of weight during the pregnancy when it comes to the weight of the baby when it is born.

It is indispensable to follow a healthy and balanced diet in terms of nutrients and vitamins before becoming pregnant. This is directly linked to our biology and the need to preserve our species, eating better will be significantly increase the chances of becoming pregnant. The "organism is wise" and understands that reproducing is not necessary for the survival of the individual, which is why it will even hinder this process if the woman is not ready, preserving the nutrients to perform metabolic processes.

Obviously, these metabolic processes have to keep on being performed during the pregnancy, which is when using natural supplementation can supply both the fetus and the mother all the nutrients that they need, always supporting a healthy diet, not replacing it.

Nowadays, nutritional supplement have become quite relevant elements in therapeutic treatments against infertility.

Nutritionally speaking, there are three basic factors when it comes to planning a pregnancy:

  • The weight
  • Iron, 30-60 mg daily.
  • Folic acid, 0.4 mg.
  • Plus a vitamin B complex, vitamin E and C, which are highly beneficial to stimulate the fertility.

Many nutrition specialists state that even those women who follow a healthy diet may need some additional supplementation.

These are some of the nutritional supplement that should be kept in mind by those women who are pregnant or who want to become pregnant:

  • Brewer's yeast is rich in complex B vitamins like thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and the selenium mineral, which is why it is specially advised for pregnant women.
  • Chromium can be an interesting supplement, since it helps to balance the glucose levels which, as we already know, it is a critical factor to avoid gestational diabetes. As a reference, pregnant women need 30 micrograms of chromium daily approximately.
  • Fresh ginger: it provides iron, vitamin which helps with the development of the immune system of the fetus, and folic acid. An additional feature that makes it so attractive is that it seems to be capable of buffering morning vertigo. Consume it moderately, for example, taking an infusion or ginger tea.
  • Nigari or magnesium chlrodide can be useful one month before labor. Take 400 milligrams daily in two servings since, among other positive effects, it prevents the contractions that happen during week 35, which helps with the intestinal motility and prevents the eclampsia caused by hypertension during the pregnancy.

Where can I buy vitamins for pregnancy?

You can find different nutritional supplement at HSN that will meet all the requirements of pregnant women, like in the case of folic acid, iron or vitamins from different groups (B,C and E).

In the case of folic acid, which tends to be advised around two months before becoming pregnant and after the pregnancy, HSNessentials sells vegetable capsules with 800µg of folic acid per capsules in order to increase the folate of the mother. A low folate level is a risk factor for the onset of neural tube defects in the developing fetus.

Nutrition and Supplementation During Pregnancy

Nutrition and Supplementation During Pregnancy

It is important to follow a balanced diet with an adequate supply of vitamins and minerals during pregnancy, since our nutrition can increase the chances of creating a healthy environment in which the baby will develop properly

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    It provides 800µg of folic acid per vegetable capsule. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
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    Food supplement based on folic acid. It contains 800mcg of folic acid per daily dose. Suitable for vegans.
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