Prenatal & Postnatal Care

It is essential for a woman to have a good state of nutrition and health before becoming pregnant. The nutritional state of the mother before becoming pregnant is more relevant than her increase of weight during the pregnancy when it comes to the weight of the baby when it is born.

It is indispensable to follow a healthy and balanced diet in terms of nutrients and vitamins before becoming pregnant. Eating better will be significantly increase the chances of becoming pregnant.

In both situations, pre and in-state, it is appropriate to take a natural supplement that can supply both the fetus and the mother all the nutrients that they need, always supporting a healthy diet, not replacing it.

Nutritionally speaking, there are three basic factors when it comes to planning a pregnancy:

  • The weight
  • Iron, 30-60 mg daily.
  • Folic acid, 0.4 mg.
  • Plus a vitamin B complex, vitamin E and C, which are highly beneficial to stimulate the fertility.

Where can I buy vitamins for pregnancy?

You can find different nutritional supplement at HSN that will meet all the requirements of pregnant women.

Moreover, you can also check the wide range of products that have been specially designed for women: menstruation, multivitamins, intimate care, menopause or hormone regulation.

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    Brewer's yeast in tablets. IT provides 3564mg of brewer's yeast per daily dose. With vitamins.
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    Multivitamin with DHA and high quality minerals.
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    Food supplement based on folic acid. It contains 800mcg of folic acid per daily dose. Suitable for vegans.
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    Folic acid and vitamin B12 in tablet form, easy to take.
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