Ginkgo Biloba

Buy our Ginkgo Biloba supplements for increased cognitive performance. In-house manufacture:

*Ginkgo biloba has been clinically/scientifically proven to contribute to intellectual and cognitive performance.

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The Ginkgo plant is a species belonging to the oldest trees on our planet, native to China, Japan and Korea, and boasts numerous qualities.

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Find Ginkgo Biloba supplements with the best prices on the market at HSN

At HSN, you'll find supplements with plant extracts and formulas enriched with vitamins and minerals, including products like pantothenic acid, which contributes to normal intellectual performance.

On our website we have products in capsule and vegetable tablet formats, made with the best raw materials and boasting and quality seals by HSN.

What do Ginkgo Biloba tablets provides for the body?

It has been both clinically and scientifically shown that this plant helps maintain good cognitive functions, contributing to normal blood circulation associated with brain performance and reactivity.

  • It promotes peripheral circulation, which is especially useful for the eyes and ears and , therefore, it contributes to good hearing and vision.

  • It contributes to good mental and nervous balance.

  • It improves cognitive performance.

  • It has been clinically/scientifically proven to help retain and recall facts, maintain clear thinking, and support daily concentration.

The Ginkgo Biloba contains natural ingredients. The most important are flavonoids and terpenoids.

Mental well-being with the Ginkgo Biloba and Zinc formula

Do you have trouble remembering things in your day-to-day life?

Then Ginkgo Biloba Extract with its preventing memory loss* abilities, might just be your next best friend. This EssentialSeries dietary supplement dietary supplement is based on the dry extract of leaves of the Ginkgo biloba L. plant. It's also been standardised in flavone glycosides at 24% and terpene lactones at 6%, alongside Zinc citrate and calcium D-Pantothenate.

*Ginkgo biloba helps support mental well-being (e.g. by maintaining concentration in short-term working memory and during times of increased stress).

Our Ginkgo biloba has been developed from a source that's no less than 50 times more concentrated (50:1) than the leaves of the native plant.

Ginkgo biloba extract is a veggie tablet product, 100% suitable for vegans.

Why buy Ginkgo Biloba at HSNstore?

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Frequently asked questions about Ginkgo Biloba

At HSN, we stock the high quality products, manufactured with the highest safety standards, at unbeatable prices

To avoid any issues, we recommend not exceeding the dose recommended in the instructions included with the product and to consult a specialist before taking it.