Special Pets
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Special Pets

At HSN, we look after both you and your pet. That's why we've given them their own space in our online shop with products designed especially for your pet.

Complement your purchase with the best products for your loyal companion.

Designed for your pet

Enhance the needs of your pet with the highest quality products, developed and manufactured to improve their daily life.

Take care of your loyal companion with powder supplements and chewable tablets from top brands such as Now Foods, from its Now Pets line, and strengthen their immune system and look after their figure.

How can does it support them?

Your pet may have problems resulting from a poor diet, and supplements can help give them the vitamins, minerals and fatty acids they lack.

The aim is to provide your pet's nutritional necessities so they can maintain good overall health.

Where can I buy supplements for pets?

In our online HSNstore you'll find food supplements for pets, with fast shipping and delivery in 3/5 working days.

Don't forget about your pet's health and complement your purchases with HSN pet supplements, giving them their necessary daily nutrition.