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What is Nettle?

Sourced from the root of the nettle plant (Urtiga dioica), nettle root extract has been a therapeutic plant food used since ancient times, including by the Egyptians and Roman soldiers.

In their natural state the leaves can cause itches or swelling when touched, but as processed plant products or when used in the kitchen in cooking they can be safely consumed.

Nettle root extract has also become a popular dietary supplement due to its benefits for the body.

Table of contents

Properties of Nettle Extract

Due to its concentration of vitamins, it has been recognised as a natural aid to:

  • Supporting vitality and helping you to feel more energetic.
  • Maintaining heart health and supporting a cardio-conscious life.
  • Supporting the body's defences and immune system.
  • Being an adjuvant in the symptomatic treatment of micturition disorders in benign prostatic hyperplasia stage I and II.

Side effects

Taking nettle (Urtiga dioica) supplements or nettle root products is safe for your health.

At HSN we always recommend consulting with your doctor or specialist before taking any herbal product or starting any treatment.

Where can I buy Nettle Root Extract?

Check out HSN's full catalogue of nettle root products and benefit from the properties of this plant extract. Place your order online and receive it at home in 3-5 working days.