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What is methionine?

Methionine is an essential amino acid that is unique in containing sulphur in its composition, which makes it equal to cysteine.

The body isn't able to synthesise this amino acid by itself, so you need to supply your body with methionine to ensure its functions for proper health. You can do this through your daily diet, or through food supplements containing amino acids.

Where can you find natural methionine?

In many proteins, including those in food, and also in the tissues and organs of your body.

Table of contents

What is it for?

Sulphur-containing molecules, such as l-methionine, have a wide variety of functions in the body, and are aimed at maintaining the proper functioning of the body's cells, thereby increasing your health.

As such, for athletes, the intake of optimal amounts of methionine, either through food (diet) or supplements, is essential for proper bodily function.

Sportspeople need to encourage the creation of new protein in their muscles after training sessions. To do so, nutrition, and in particular this amino acid, occupies the most important place in this phase.

Methionine food

The main natural sources of l-methionine are of animal origin, although it can also be found in vegetable foods in smaller quantities.

In a typical diet, eggs, fish and meat are the main sources of methionine, so you should include them in your diet.

People following vegan or vegetarian diets, although they can source it through vegetable proteins in smaller amounts, should seek other sources to achieve optimal amounts.

What can these sources of amino acids be to supplement the diet?

The food supplementation market has developed products rich in methionine that will provide you with the quantities you need to achieve the quantities required to maintain the body's cells and thus preserve your health.

L-Methionine Side Effects

It is an essential amino acid with no contraindications for healthy humans, provided the recommended intake established by specialists is followed.

HSN always recommends you consult your doctor or specialist before starting to take any type of food supplement, as in this case with amino acids.

Where can I buy Methionine supplements?

Although it's an element present in a large number of animal and vegetable proteins, the need to achieve optimal levels of methionine, given its properties, has led to the development of supplements rich in this amino acid.

Consult the complete catalogue of amino acids from HSN, a shop specialising in sports nutrition and natural dietetics, and buy the best l-methionine supplements at the most competitive prices.