The clinical studies from the last few years have shown the benefits of lutein for our sight.

Lutein is antioxidant that belongs to the carotenoid family, which is important for our sight and dermis.

It is a substance that the body cannot synthesize on its own, which is why the only way to obtain it is through food (green fruit and vegetables) or supplements.

Where can I buy lutein supplements?

Herbalist's shops, parapharmacies and specialized stores are the places where you will probably find lutein. HSN is a specialized store where you will find the best supplements in the market at the best price.

HSNessentials sells lutein capsules from in-house production and a hundred per cent vegetable, since the raw ingredient is extracted from marigold petals or the tagete plant.

Lutein Benefits and Properties

Lutein - What is it, uses and how it supports your sight

Lutein is a basic element to preserve a healthy sight. It lowers the risk of suffering from age related macular degeneration or crystalline lens opacity (cataracts) and it improves the dermis from the inside, enhancing its hydration and elasticity.

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    Lutein from the Tagetes erecta plant. It provides 40mg of lutein per daily dose.
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  • Lutein from natural calendula. Antioxidant that promotes macular health.
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  • Lutein (FloraGlo®). It provides 40mg of Lutein per daily dose.
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