The Best Protein Shakes

The Best Protein Shakes

The following list is a ranking of the top 10 protein shakes available at HSN. The list is made up of collected user opinions.

Protein for All

Protein is the most consumed supplement in the world of sports nutrition. One of its principle functions is to provide the essential nutrients required by those practicing sport.

Amateur athletes, elite athletes and/or anyone who spends several hours a week practicing sport, all have higher requirements than the sedentary population.

For the active, our body needs protein to provide it with sufficient amounts of amino acids, which are needed to regenerate and construct new muscle tissues.

Types protein shakes

Shakes are a super convenient way of providing protein in our daily nutrition

Additionally, when a person wants to improve body composition, i.e. to lose fat and maintain muscle mass, protein plays a hugely important role in helping to provide precisely the elements that allow for that muscle maintenance.

They also have other properties great during calorie restriction, such as producing a higher rate of satiety.

High-protein diets are a nutritional strategy that can help us with improving our aesthetics.

In this case, providing and supplementing our diet with protein shakes is a very effective way of increasing the amount of protein intake and thus managing to cover individual needs.

So, without further ado, after gathering the opinions of our customers, have a look at our Top 10 Best Protein Shakes!

10. Evodiet 2.0

Evodiet 2.0 by SportSeries is the evolution of our product designed for weight loss diets. It includes ingredients that improve the use of stored fatty acids, as long as our daily caloric count responds with a deficit of calories.

Amongst its features is the fact that it provides important nutrients, such as fatty acids, from a plant source, such as flaxseed oil.

Protein Shakes

In addition, it has a very pleasant taste and texture, improved compared to its predecessor.

9. Evonative Whey

Evonative Whey by SportSeries (also known as Native Whey Protein) is a food supplement obtained directly from fresh milk from grass-fed cows after pasteurisation.

It has a high biological value, is very low in fat and carbohydrates and has an excellent taste and texture.

We recommend you visit this link to learn more about the characteristics of this protein and its differences with respect to Whey.

8. Soy Protein Isolate

Soy Protein Isolate by EssentialSeries is a 100% vegetable protein source, with a complete aminogram.

This question is extremely important among vegan dieters, but you can be sure that it is an excellent protein that contributes to the maintenance and gain of muscle mass.

Soy protein isolate is a high biological value vegetable protein with a complete aminogram (Hoffman and Falvo, 2004).

7. Keto Whey Protein

Keto Whey Protein by KetoSeries is one of our latest additions, and is especially geared towards athletes and keto dieters.

It is formulated with the highest quality CFM Whey Protein Isolate with MCT oil and enriched with Digezyme digestive enzymes.

This protein is a source of great value, and although it is intended for the ketogenic eating public, anyone can benefit from its nutritional properties and, of course, its incredible texture and flavour.

6. Evobeef 2.0

Evobeef 2.0 by SportSeries is a source of meat protein and a special type of protein: Hydrolysed.

What are the properties of the latter type? It helps to achieve the highest absorption speed, passing very quickly into the bloodstream.

Park girl protein shake
Our product provides a high protein value per serving, over 80%, and its aminogram has been boosted with extra leucine.

This formula is therefore an excellent source of protein that promotes muscle anabolism, thanks to the content and benefits of the amino acid L-Leucine.

5. Evopro (Ultimate Anabolic Blend) + Digezyme

Evopro (Ultimate Anabolic Blend) + Digezyme by SportSeries is a sequential protein, made from Whey Protein Isolate and Milk Protein Isolate, enriched with Digezyme digestive enzymes.

It is a protein to be taken both in the morning and in the afternoon.

Also available in a vegan version: Evopro Vegan, which is formulated with Pea + Rice + Hemp and enriched with Leucine – Complete Vegan Protein!

4. Evocasein 2.0

Evocasein 2.0 (Micellar Casein + Digezyme®) by SportSeries is a product based on micellar casein.

It is also available unflavoured: Micellar Casein.

It is therefore considered a sustained-release protein, ideal for taking just before bedtime, or even at any time of the day when we expect our next meal to be delayed due to any circumstance.

evocasein infography

A widely used nutritional strategy is to achieve a creamy and very appetising mousse texture: Mix two scoops (60g) with 250ml of water in a shaker with a lump-proof ball or filter grid, and transfer the contents to a container for consumption. And enjoy!

3. Evohydro 2.0

Evohydro 2.0 by SportSeries is a protein obtained from the Isolate Hydrolysate of whey protein. It is once again an ultra-speed protein.

What are the main features of this product?

Evohydro infography

Also available in an unflavoured version: Unflavored Hydrolysed Whey Protein Isolate.

Finally, it is a lactose free, protein, with a fine texture and surprising taste, even within the range of hydrolysates.

2. 100% Whey Protein Isolate

100% Whey Protein Isolate comes in second place in our ranking, and is a product intended for the most demanding customers. Those who are looking for the product with the highest percentage of protein.

Whey protein Isolate

It should be mentioned that this protein is available in a wide range of flavours through Evolate 2.0 by SportSeries, as both products share the same raw ingredients.

1. Evowhey 2.0

And finally, at number 1 in the list, we find indisputably the best product in relation to price/quality of the whole catalogue: Evowhey 2.0 by SportSeries.

  • It is a protein based on Whey Protein Concentrate.
  • Available in more than 30 flavours, it stands out from the competition with its wide range of flavours and sizes: 500g, 2 or 4kg.
  • También sin sabor: Whey Protein Concentrate 80%.

It’s an ideal protein to take at any time of the day: between meals, with meals, and, of course, before and/or after daily physical activity. All the users highlight its extraordinary taste, its pleasant texture, and its easy dissolution when making the protein shake.

Evowhey infography

Everyone who tries Evowhey is delighted, and they always do so again!

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