More “Whey” for your Recipes

More “Whey” for your Recipes

You may start to follow a healthier lifestyle to get a body that fits the beauty canon, but once you start, you will discover that the benefits go beyond losing a few kilos and having a toned body.

Healthy habits

Fortunately, working out combined with a healthy nutrition are becoming more popular each day, since they are fundamental pillars to enjoy a good health.

Girl cooking in the kitchen

A lot of people start to do exercise to improve their physical shape, but they tend to forget or underestimate another importante fact: the Diet.

Diet does not mean Losing Weight

There is a general misconception when people talk about dieting. In fact, when we start talking about “going on a diet”, the first thing that comes to mind is “losing weight” and “strict”.

Healthy lifestyle

But this is far from truth, since going on a diet means maintaining correct nutritional patterns in order to achieve an objective (losing fat, gaining muscle mass, or maintaining the weight), while meeting our nutritional requirements.

Can Proteins help to Lose Weight?

Apart from being one of the essential macronutrients, proteins will also help us to improve our physical composition as well.

Proteins to lose weight

A higher supply of proteins will help us to increase and/or maintain our muscle mass.

Moreover, proteins are more satiating than the same amount of fats or carbs, which will help us with your weight loss process.

Why Use Protein for Cooking?

Protein shakes are widely known among those who practice sport regularly, but a whey protein concentrate has many more possibilities than just a simple post-workout shake. Recetas con Whey

Once in a while, all of us like to treat ourselves, either with a dessert, cake, sponge cake… what if I wold you that you could treat yourself more often with your protein shake recipe?

You can improve the nutritional composition of your desserts by adding protein to your recipes, since they can be a great substitute of sugar for desserts like sponge cakes, crepes, or even cheesecakes, thanks to its great variety of flavors.

Example of How to Use Whey Protein in a Recipe

Have you ever ordered the typical pancakes for dessert in some restaurant? It is quite a simple recipe and with delicious and satisfactory results.

Protein Crepe

By the way, I bet that if you choose the Protein Crepe, you will not be disappointed at all…

We can cook a dessert with a much better nutritional value and treat ourselves just by replacing some of the original ingredients with whey protein.

Comparative Tablet Protein Crepe Vs Original Crepe

Here you have the original crepe recipe as an example of a protein alternative:

Protein crepe (2 servings)Original crepe (2 servings)
IngredientsNutritional informationIngredientsNutritional information
6 egg whites90kcals (20g of proteins)50g of butter370kcals (0g proteins)
1 scoop of Whey125kcals (24g of proteins)5g of sugar20kcals (0g of proteins)
60g oat flour220kcals (9g of proteins)250ml of milk90kcals (8g of proteins)
40g cottage cheese40kcals (9g of proteins)2 eggs150kcals (12g of proteins)
Total: 475kcals (62g of proteins)Total: 630kcals (20g of proteins)
1 serving: 240kcals (31g of proteins)1 serving: 315kcals (10g of proteins)

As we can see, there is a remarkable difference between the amount of calories, but not only that, there is also a nutritional difference as well, since the fitness version is much more complete. It has a higher percentage of proteins, and much less sugar than the original one.

Benefits of Protein Shakes

Benefits of protein shakes

Whey Protein as a Natural Food

One of the reasons why this product is barely used in the kitchen, or on a daily basis, is due to the ignorance that exists around its production process. Whey protein, far from being an artificial products, comes from milk. The milk undergoes several processes in order to obtain the whey, like the filtration phase, which will results in a protein product without barely any lactose and very low in fat and other excipients.

Protein Shakes

Milk is formed by two protein fractions: the whey and the casein. So if you see a product with the “Whey” label, it means that it contains protein powder from whey.

Sources of Protein Shakes

It is usually believed that protein shakes come mainly from animals (whey), but there are also options for vegans and vegetarians, like rice, soy, or pea proteins. They come in different formats and flavors, and they are a very interesting choice for your recipes as well.

Recipes using Protein Shakes

These are some of the different recipes where you can include protein and obtain healthier meals:

Now you just have to be daring and try any of the protein flavors available and start to cook the healthiest and most satiating and delicious dishes that will satisfy your sweet cravings.
Whey for your Recipes Review

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Helps to gain/maintain the muscle mass - 100%

More adherence to the diet - 100%

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