Egg Whites Fluff

Egg Whites Fluff

Today I bring you a different recipe whose main ingredient is powdered egg whites. I hope you like it as it is a super easy, protein and low-carb option

Recipe Tips: Egg Whites Fluff

  • Preparation time: 15 minutes
  • Cooking time: 15 minutes
  • Portion size: 1 Bowl
  • Number of servings: 1
  • Cooking style: American


  • 15gr of Egg whites by HSNraw
  • 5gr of Xanthan Gum by HSNfoods
  • 100ml of mineral water
  • 15gr of Evowhey protein (flavor to choose) by HSNsports
  • 50ml of carbonated water
Nutritional Information per serving
of which saturates:0.5g
of which sugars:1g

How to make: Egg Whites Fluff

  1. Put the egg whites, the xanthan gum, and the 100ml of natural water in a bowl, and whisk everything until you get a foamy mass.
  2. Now add the protein from the flavor we want and mix again.
  3. Finally, pour the carbonated water and keep mixing.
  4. The xanthan gum is essential, since it works as a thickener and it gives an incredible texture, creamy and light, but with volume.
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