Keto Bulking Workout – 7th Week

Keto Bulking Workout – 7th Week

Let’s keep on going with the 7th week of the Keto Bulking Workout. The purpose of this routine is to see if it is possible to gain muscle during a bulking phase with a keto diet. Then, we will also do a later cutting phase (macrocycle) also together with a keto diet.

6th Week Review

Before getting into the 7th week of the keto bulking workout, let’s talk about the previous week. We will continue with the bulking phase and include a second week of functional training (CrossFit).

I am feeling pretty good overall, although I already knew that this type of workout is not focused on muscle gain.

Above all, Crossfit is a very demanding discipline. In fact, it involves a very high intensity, but the fatigue is mainly triggered by a high cardiovascular exercise.

You may reach failure in some exercise, but the main penalty tends to be the heart. In other words, if you do not have a high cardiovascular level it will be counterproductive for your workouts.

Regardless, I try to do 2 days of “pure” hypertrophy in order to compensate for those other two days of aerobic exercise.

Weight changes

Since I am already doing enough cardio with the CrossFit lessons, I will only play 2 paddle matches weekly.

The weight for this week has been 81.6g (I have gained 300g). So, we keep moving forward in terms of weight and I will seriously consider doing a minicut in December or January.

Evidently, I am not going to eat like an animal, so I will do a Hypercaloric diet (115% / 3.300-3.400 kcal, strict) without intermittent fasting for now.


This week has been quite stable. In fact, I woke up today having 94 and I have not used insulin in two days.

Above all, this is due to CrossFit, since it is an ideal workout to lower the glucose by combining aerobic and anaerobic exercise. Moreover, playing paddle also helps.

I would love to do CrossFit every day of the week to see my glucose under 6 without using insulin. But I will try this once I am done with this keto workout, let’s go step by step.

Keto Bulking 7th Week Routine

Like I previously mentioned, I will maintain 2 days of CrossFit, 1 day of push and 1 day of pull.

The level of intensity is too high just to do CrossFit and it would be far away from my main objective, which is hypertrophy.

Well, there you go:

Workout Info

7th Week Diet

This is the diet I am going to do this week, with the corresponding adjustments:

Shall we do this together?

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