Keto Bulking Workout – 9th and 10th Week

Keto Bulking Workout – 9th and 10th Week

Let’s continue with the 10th week of the keto bulking workout. This time, we have gathered the 9th and 10th week in a single post. We will use one of them to take a break but we will exercise the other one…

8th Week Review and Break

The eighth week was a very good week in terms of workout and performance.

I have increased the weight in the basics and bodybuilding exercises of the WODs (I still do not have a great technique to lift big weights). However, I lost some weight after changing the intensity of the workout, but I will gain it back during the week of rest.

In general, the keto-bulking workout is being useful for what I already knew. Keto is not ideal to gain muscle and you have to eat a lot, plan the workouts, not do too much cardio and have a good ketoadaptation. Otherwise, it is going to be quite difficult to gain muscle, even if you are not a beginner.

I travelled to New York during my break, the only I have done is increase the NEAT (Non-exercise activity thermogenesis). This is the daily calorie expenditure used for any activity that is not physical exercise. Walking to the city was always more then 20 000 steps (around 13km each day).

Weight changes

In the 8th week, I have lost 200g of weight (82.1kg) after increasing the intensity of the workouts and playing a little bit more paddle.

We could see this as a step backwards, but as we know, weight is just another variable. In fact, it is not the most important one, since that would be the relation between the fat % and the weight. As we already know, this is done with anthropometric measurements, fat caliper and taking pictures.

It is complicated to follow a ketogenic diet when you are travelling. So I had to change a couple of things.

In addition, New York is the epitome of capitalism and extreme consumption, with a hectic lifestyle that relies on fast food. Every day, I ate more carbohydrates than what I should in order to stay in ketosis.

But you can also follow a ketogenic diet. In fact, I have followed it most days, even eating in ethnic restaurants, enjoying every single meal.

I have always thought that you have to enjoy the holidays, without going crazy of course.

After coming back and breaking the ketosis so many days, I have gained more weight than usual. Now, I weight 83.8kg (I have gained 1.7kg), although this can also be due to fluid retention due to a change in the diet. But I am not worried, I will take care of that this week.

Moreover, I know that next week there will also be some meals that are not going to be keto. As I said, enjoy the holidays, BUT WITHOUT GOING CRAZY!!!


The 8th week was ideal, without surpassing 140. That was due to the exercise and playing paddle (some days even two matches). In fact, I barely had to use fast insulin, instead I use the slow one due to the hypercaloric diet.

The good news is that I am going to have the Freestyle soon, which will help me improve my control over my diabetes.

I am excited to learn and experiment, assessing the changes specially with different workouts and while sleeping.

However, I had to use a lot of fast insulin during the week of rest (too much for me, probably taking between 4-6 IU twice a day is not a lot for others). Above all, this was due to the higher carbohydrate intake (my body does not tolerate them even though the doctors tell me I have a pancreatic reserve) and also, I have not done exercise at all.

Walking is not doing exercise, I can walk 20km and my glucose levels do not drop even a little…

Anthropometric Measurements

This has been the evolution after two months doing the keto bulking workout:

  • waist: 85 (+3 cm)
  • hips: 103 (+2 cm)
  • quadriceps: 57,5 (+0.5 cm)
  • biceps: 41,5 (+0.5 cm)
  • chest: 110 (+1 cm)

We have to take into account that the break has affected these numbers. In general, I am quite satisfied since I have progressed in all the body parts, except for the waist which is where I have more adipose tissue.

We will have to wait until the next review in 2 months. This time, there will not be a break and if you follow me on Instragram, you will see how I am slowly getting some muscle tone and volume.

10th week keto bulking routine

Let’s continue with 2 days of CrossFit, one day of basics and 1 day of Full body.

There you go:

Workout information

10th Week Keto Bulking Diet

The diet is not 100% strict, so you can change your meal depending on several factors. However, you should always aim for the same number of calories and follow a ketogenic diet.

I tend to share them in my Instagram stories.

This is what I have planned:

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