Keto Bulking Workout – 11th and 12th Week

Keto Bulking Workout – 11th and 12th Week

Let’s jump into the 11th and 12th Week of our Keto diet with a Bulking Workout…

9th and 10th Week Review

In general, the keto bulking workout has been good this couple of weeks.

Even though I must say that I have not been 100% in keto due to the holidays. Instead of eating more I have eaten less, since saying no to some dishes makes me eat slower.

So I have broken the ketosis sometimes.

Weight changes

In these two weeks, I have reduced the workout volume, but I have increased the intensity quite a lot.

Consequently, I have lost way more calories than what I wanted, so my weight is at 83.9kg (only 100 more grams). However, since I have not followed the keto diet this value should not really be taken into account.

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¿BOMBEAR SIRVE DE ALGO? . 💪Cuando empiezas en el gym y las pesas te crees que un buen entrenamiento es aquel te has hinchado tras acabarlo como un guiri en un buffet, y no es así, el bombeo no es indicador de nada, solo de que la sagre ha llegado a tus músculos más veces de lo normal, lo cual no implica que el entreno haya sido de calidad. . 👍De hecho, un entrenamiento fullbody (FB, cuerpo completo), qque es lo mejor para la mayoría de personas a la hora de ganar músculo, no implica casi bombeo, ya que los ejercicios multiarticulares (sentadillas, dominadas, peso muerto, remo con barra, press de banca, press militar..), de los que se compone principalmente una rutina FB, no provocan un bombeo excesivo, pero los ejercicio auxiliares (extensiones de cuádriceps, curls, extensiones de triceps, elevaciones, cruce de poleas …) si lo producen, y más si hacemos series muy largas (más de 15 repeticiones). . 💔Pero que el bombeo no sea necesario para que el etrenamiento no sea de calidad no tiene porqué indicar que no tengnan ningún sentido. Por ejmplo, existe un sistema denominado FST (Fascia Stretch Training-7) que busca el mayor bombeo posible con el fin de "estirar" la fascia del músculo, que no es más que una "gran tela" que recubre los músculos y con ello facilitar el crecimiento del músculo. . 🤷🏻‍♂️Como veis todo depende del punto de vista, que algo no sea necesiario no quiere decir que sea malo, o que en algunas circunstancias no sea correcto o incluso lo ideal, así que nunca juzgues el entrenamiento de otra persona por solo un entrenamiento, puede que tenga un proposito en el que tú no has caido. . 😄Abrazakos calientes y pasad un buen juernes, compis!😘 . #fitness #rutina #volumen #fullbody #metabolico #enforma #nutricion #salud #enformaalos40 #muscle #rendimiento #hiit #metcon #reto #hsnmola #keto #cetosis #ketovolumen

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It is hard to review this month with all I have done: I travelled for a week and spent Christmas with some days out of keto, which is not what we have planned.

But now it is time to focus once again on an optimal bulking phase. In other words, let’s do Full Body (leaving CrossFit as optional) and a balanced hypercaloric diet.


I have had all kinds of numbers these weeks, some oven 160 after breaking the ketosis.

Moreover,  I have noticed that even if you are in ketosis, the body will produce more glucose than usual with a hypercaloric diet, either from glycerol or gluconeogenesis. But also, the body is more unbalanced when I eat carbs for a few days until it goes back to ketosis.

Without running out of glycogen and doing high intensity exercise, the body increase the blood glucose much more. Consequently, it will not drop as much as it needs to after the workout, depending on the intensity and volume. Therefore, I have to use quick insulin each day in order to adjust everything properly.

Also, I am still waiting to get my Freestyle, I will let you know as soon as that happens!

Keto Bulking 11th and 12th Week Routine

We will go back to a 3 day full body routine with CrossFit as optional.

Here you have it:

11th and 12th Week Diet

The diet is not 100% strict, you can change some dishes because you do not have time to make them. Just make sure that they are similar in terms of calories and always following the principles of a ketogenic diet.

I usually share what I eat in my Instagram stories.

This is what we have planned:

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