Keto Bulking Workout – 2nd Week

Keto Bulking Workout – 2nd Week

Here you have the 2nd Week of the Keto-Bulking Workout Plan

Let’s continue with the keto-bulking workout in order to see if it is possible to gain muscle mass with a ketogenic diet.

Review of the 1st Week

This week has been our first approach to a controlled food intake and and increased workout intensity and weekly rest. In the end, I have not been able to play as many paddle matches and as I expected, I did not do the HIIT sessions either.

Cardiovascular problems

Let’s not forget that I cannot do a lot of cardio due to medical prescription. This is due to a pathological electrocardiogram and it could either be athletic heart syndrome or a myocardial problem. Therefore, I am only allowed to do 30 minutes at a slow pace, so I prefer not to do it.

However, paddle is a cardiovascular exercise and it can be quite intense depending on the level you are playing. So what I have done is reduce the number of matches from 5-7 a week to just 3-4.

The true problem is that I suffer type 1 diabetes and this disease affects the sensitivity of my tendons. This is due to an excessive amount of glucose in the body. Therefore, I would not be able to notice a heart attack as a normal person would. That is why they are studying my case in more detail, although I personally feel that I am in good shape.

Weight changes

My weight is practically more stable when compared to last week. I weighed myself this Monday on an empty stomach and I have gained 300g, a total of 78.5kg. Don’t forget that you should weight yourself as less as possible. In fact, you should do it once a week at most, always at the same time and with the same conditions, like on an empty stomach.

Weighing ourselves constantly does not make sense since our weight can change due to fluid retention, meals, the workout, rest, stress…

All in all, once a week is enough and once a month for the anthropometric measurements

Calorie increase

I have tried to follow the diet this week but I ate a lot of calories, specially nuts. Actually, it was quite weird because I was waking up quite hungry, although it was a hypercaloric diet. Therefore, I will start an EXTRA hypercaloric diet for the 2nd week of the keto diet, with a weekly 30% calorie surplus regarding my calorie requirements.

As you can see, I have marked my physical activity as intense for the first week. Above all, this is due to the fact that I tend to eat a lot in order to avoid feeling hungry. Coincidentally, this is quite common in keto diets which are quite satiating.

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In fact, I do not feel hungry at all and sometimes I even had to force myself to eat some nuts. Regardless, I have not gained a lot of weight, which was what I was expecting. I would not like to gain more than 300 grams a week, not more than 1kg a month.

Therefore, I will eat 3300-3400 kcals during the Hypercaloric diet (115%) and 3700-3800 kcals during the EXTRA Hypercaloric diet.

But there is no doubt that I will need much more calories


I have to confess that I am a little bit out of control. I had to stop doing intermittent fasting, increase the protein intake and eat more tomato, onion, fresh coconut and many veggies. Sometimes, I have woken up on an empty stomach out of my optimal range.

In fact, I already knew that hypercaloric diets, even the keto one, would increase my glucose levels

For someone who suffer type 1 diabetes, the glucose levels are stable when we do high intensity physical exercise. In addition, it helps to follow a normo or hypocaloric diet with at least 16h fasting or long fasting as well (72 hours).

So I have had to use insulin in the morning every two days.

I am planning to do control at night, using a medium basal (10-14iu) and adjust it in the morning if it is higher than 140 (with few iu of quick insulin).

Number of meals

I have started eating 4 meals, but the only thing I have done is to include a shake for breakfast. It is made of EVOEXCEL so that I can take CREATINE EXCELL 100% Creapure everyday. Before that, I used to add 8 grams to coffee but it made me feel bad.

Routine for the 2nd Week Keto Bulking

Although I have planned to do a 3 day hybrid routine during the first weeks, I have decided to increase the workout volume. Instead, I am going to follow a medium frequency Chest-Leg routine that you can see now.

Personal Workout Routine 2nd Week

2nd Week Diet

This is the diet I am going to follow this week. As I told you, I have increase the calorie intake in a 15%:

Dietary advice 2nd Week

General advice and meals

General advice and meals 2nd week

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