Creapure: The king of Creatine Monohydrate

Creapure: The king of Creatine Monohydrate

When you are already familiar with another type of creatine, you may be wondering: is Creapure® worth it? There are several formats available from the “King” of sports supplementation. However, it is not really a specific type, but rather a quality seal from creatine monohydrate. What are its main features? A high quality and safety. Find out more about this supplement that has come to stay!

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What is Creapure®?

Creapure® is a German brand that produces highly pure creatine monohydrate. In fact, their supplements undergo HPLC purity tests (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography) in order to assess their quality.

Thanks to this laboratory procedure, it is possible to check and identify each element from the composition. That is why it is quite relevant and used by the pharmaceutic industry.

Who can benefit from this product?

Creapure® is a perfect food supplement for athletes. In fact, its intake will increase the stock of creatinine and phosphocreatine in your muscles. The result? Above all, it will improve your performance and shorten the recovery, both during your workouts and competitions. Needless to say, it will help you reach your sport goals in both circumstances.

An unprecedented purity

After analyzing this supplement, we will get the following information:

  • Creatine monohydrate: at least 99.95%
  • Creatinine: <67 ppm
  • Dicyandiamide: <30 ppm
  • Dihydrotriazine: undetected

Controlled maximum quality

Creapure® appears in the Cologne List®. But, what does this mean? That the substance undergoes controls regularly in the Olympiastützpunkt Rheinland laboratory in order to detect any kind of contamination with steroids or stimulants.

What is this unique creatine monohydrate used for?

The strict requirements to obtain this seal ensure a high quality production process from beginning to end. Like we just mentioned, its objective is no other than identifying and removing any source of contamination from the product.

Consequently, they work according to the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). Not in vain, the factory that was specifically built to produce Creapure® eliminates any risk of cross-contamination or contamination from other products.

There are several ways of producing commercial creatine, but none is as safe as the process used by AlzChem AG. Above all, they use sarcosinate and cyanamide. This manufacturing process is unparalleled in terms of safety standards.

Their aim is no other than avoiding two harmful byproducts from creatine:

  • Dicyandiamide (DCD)
  • Dihydrotriazine (DHT)
Did you know that pure creatine should not have more than a few tens of undetected DCD and DHT per million (ppm)? And Creapure® is the only one that can guarantee that!

Pay attention to the Creapure® logo in the packaging, it will make a difference between buying the best and purest creatine monohydrate produced in Germany or another.

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What are the main uses of Creapure® Creatine?

Creatine performs an special function when it comes to providing energy to the body cells. In fact, this is specially relevant to perform fast and short lifts that are also repetitive and intensive.

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In addition, this supplement is also a powerful antioxidant, buffering the cell damage caused by the free radicals. At the beginning of the research, it was also reported that it has anti-inflammatory effects.

Moreover, creatine helps to stabilize the cell pH (acidity) and plays a crucial role to balance the different energy sources: aerobic and anaerobic (such as the glycolysis), which are available for the cells.

Find out its proven benefits

There are many studies that show how Creapure® monohydrate is a variant that:

  • Increases the physical performance during a high intensity exercise. Take 3g a day to make the most of it.
  • Improves the accumulation of muscle mass and the strength gains.

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Here is a fact: its properties for health are approved by the European Union. There are few food supplements, particularly from the field of sport nutrition, that have this level of support.

Why this creatine and not other one?

This variant will provide the same result in terms of its ergogenic benefits. In other words, it will help to improve the sport performance (keep reading).

Then, what is the difference between taking Creapure® and other types of creatine? For example, those who experience stomach discomfort after taking creatine may not experience this issue anymore if they use this pure variant.

But there will be barely any different between Creapure® Micronized Creatine Monohydrate and another that is not. Obviously, as long as it is a quality brand like HSN. In fact, both are perfectly soluble and they do not cause problems in terms of their absorption for most customers. Nevertheless, we want to insist that it should be micronized creatine.


We just said that there are barely no differences between the results of a creatine monohydrate (click here) with or without Creapure® seal.

However, the experts always advise purchasing this variant. Why? Quite simple: because the pharmaceutical degree of quality from this product is the only one that can ensure the benefits of a highly pure creatine.

The way to take this creatine is not that different from the others. Follow the advice from the post we made about creatine. In it, we explain how to make the most of this dispensable supplement in detail.

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All in all, Creapure® is the next level of creatine products. Either if you already take this supplement or if you are thinking about including it in your supplement list, this seal will always play out in your favor. Also, do not forget that creatine does not appear in the forbidden substance list by the WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).


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Creapure Creatine Review

What is it - 100%

Results of the Quality Seal - 100%

Differences between other types - 100%

Intake - 99%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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