Fit Battered Chicken Recipe

Fit Battered Chicken Recipe

Fit battered chicken is a typical recipe in some areas of Spain. The original recipe is battered and fried, but we are going to adapt it so that it will be healthier.

The ingredients for this recipe are quite simple just as the preparation. We can also change it by adding turkey or even ham.

Fit Battered Chicken Recipe

Recipe Tips: Fit Battered Chicken

  • Preparation time: 12 minutes
  • Cooking time: 25 minutes
  • Portion size: 1 Chicken Breast
  • Number of servings: 8
  • Cooking style: American


  • 8 chicken fillets (400g approx) (thinly cut)
  • 250g of 0% fresh cheese
  • 250g of tomato sauce
  • 1 egg
  • 60g of Instant Oat Flour 2.0 Unflavored by FoodSeries
  • A pinch of oregano
  • A pinch of salt
Nutritional Information per serving
of which saturates:0.3g
of which sugars:1.3g

How to make: Fit Battered Chicken

  1. In order to make each serving, take a chicken fillet and put 3 or 4 slices of fresh cheese on top.
  2. Spread 1 spoonful of tomato sauce on the cheese as well as some oregano and a pinch of salt. To close it, put another chicken fillet on top and then cover it in tin foil.
  3. Preheat the oven at 200º while doing all this. Fit Chicken 1Fit Chicken 2Fit Chicken 3
  4. Cook the chicken for 15 minutes in the oven.
  5. Take a bowl and whisk the egg and take another bowl with the oat flour.
  6. When the chicken is cooked, take it out from the oven and remove the tin foil. Be careful or it will fall apart. Then, soak it in the egg and then in the oat flour.
  7. Once everything is ready we have two choices:
  8. (1) Cook the chicken on both sides on a grill with a little bit of olive oil.
  9. (2) Or you can put them back in the oven and cook them on each side too at 200º.
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Fit Battered Chicken Review

Quick recipe - 100%

Easy to find ingredients - 100%

Nutritional value - 100%

Taste - 100%


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