Keto Bulking Workout – 1st Week

Keto Bulking Workout – 1st Week

This is the First week for the Keto Bulking Workout Plan

Routine for the 1st week of the Keto Bulking Workout

This month, I will be following a hybrid routine. It will combine two days of chest-leg routine and another of classic full body with basic exercises and two optional HIIT sessions (I will probably not do them actually)

But I will probably do adaptations each week as I go, so I will share what I will do every week.

This first week will be:

Tuesday chest

Bilbo Set

If you have not heard about the BilboTeam and their workout method you are probably living under a rock. Check out this beast easily lifting 200kg in bench press.

This set consists of lifting a weight ,in general, it tends to be around half of your maximum weight in that exercise and do the maximum number of reps, always over 25 until you reach around 50 in a row. Then, you will have to increase the weight in the following workout, so that you will be able to complete a little bit more than 25 reps.

Personally, it has been a while since I did this. My current RM in bench press is 110kg, I only used 40kg and did 40 reps.

You do not have to reach failure, leave 1 or 2 in reserve (RIR 1-2)

Wednesday and Friday

Diet for the 1st week

This is the diet I am going to follow. This first month I am going to eat mainly 3 meals, but they are not going to be super strict, specially the amounts. However, I will always make sure to meet the minimum that is marked in the diet.

The general information

This is the general information about the diet:

Dietary advice

General advice and meals

General advice and meals

Calories and food

If I am hungry, I will eat satiating keto products such as nuts, olives, coconut, avocado or cold meat

All in all, the diet is not quite high, around 3300kcal on hypercaloric days when I will do exercise. The normocaloric diet will be 2900kcal for the rest of the days. That is going to be the minimum. Moreover, I will take some snacks with me but you do not usually feel hungry during a keto diet.

I have set an intense activity with a correction value of 1.725 to have a higher intake. Above all, this is due to the fact I will continue to play around 4-6 weekly matches of paddle and I will go swimming for 30′ some mornings.

The diet

As you can see, the diets have different sensors to see if everything fits the average values:

  • Calorie validation: in the upper right corner there is a green check if it is within the range (a red cross would mean it is outside that range).
  • Amount of protein: the flag that is down in the middle is green if it is over the optimal amount and yellow if it is over the minimum. A red flag would mean that it is under the minimum.
  • Fat percentage: the ball under the fat column is green if the fat % is within the range, yellow if it is over, or red if it is under.
  • Carbohydrate percentage: the ball under the carb column is green if the carbohydrate % is within the range, it will be red if it is under or over it.

Anthropometric information

Each month, I will write down the most relevant anthropomorphic measurements:
  • Waist: 82
  • Hip: 101
  • Quadriceps: 57
  • Biceps: 41
  • Chest: 109

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Keto Bulking Workout - 1st Week Review

1st Week Routine - 100%

1st Month Diet - 100%

Advice - 100%

Anthropometric information - 100%


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