Examples of Full Body Routines

Examples of Full Body Routines

We provide some examples of Full Body Routines

Routine with muscle group emphasis days

Source: Fit at 40

Routine with muscle group emphasis

Basic routine with random emphasis day

Basic routine with random emphasis

Classic routine by Steve Reeves

Fuente: Muscle and brawn

Classic routine Steve Reeves

Advanced Reeves Routine

Source: Muscle and brawn

Advanced Reeves routine

Hypertrophy Specific Training Routine (HST)

Source: Web Stronger than Iron

Hypertrophy Specific Training (HST) - full body routines

If you want to know the key points of the HST Hypertrophy Routine hacer click here.

Madcow Routine (5×5)

Madcow - full body routines

We have already done a post on the Madcow routine, on what it is, how to apply it, … keep reading.


These are some examples of the most famous and used routines in terms of full body training (full-body), but there are as many as the needs of each individual and the imagination of the creator of them, as long as the guidelines we explained in the two previous posts are respected.

It can also be combined with other types of routines such as splitting or leg-body, which will be called hybrid routines, as they bring together two or three systems into one routine.

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Review of Full Body Routine Examples

Steve Reeves Routine - 100%

5x5 Routine - 100%

HST Routines - 100%

Examples - 100%


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