Full Body Routine for Hypertrophy. Week 2

Full Body Routine for Hypertrophy. Week 2

The second and penultimate week of our Full Body Routine for Hypertrophy

Stimulation and Hypertrophy

Throughout these weeks we’ve been referring exclusively to one of the 3 pillars or principles for improving muscle mass gain: the stimulus.

You’re determined to train and train, but you don’t respect other important variables that are closely related to hypertrophy. 

Keys to Muscle Growth

Basically, we can group them into 3 large groups or pillars, which could be called the necessary and essential factors when creating new muscle tissue:

  • Stimulus
  • Nutrition
  • Rest

Build muscle mass

If you fail on any of them, or merely do not keep them balanced, it’s very likely your goal is going to be much more complicated to achieve, or at least it’ll take you much longer.


We get the stimulus through training. So we’re always looking to generate the right stimulus through efficient training. Sometimes, people with their mind set on increasing their muscle mass simply reduce this variable to training and training, without any order or strategy. Curiously, especially for people with less experience, it can work. However, as the demands increase, this success rate is reduced.

Muscle stimulation

It’s not surprising that cases of stagnation or slow progress at the first signs of change coincide with a lack of motivation…


Obviously, every effort deserves its reward. And in this sense, the reward is linked to two things: maintaining our metabolism and allowing recovery, and increasing our muscle mass. For the first case, everyone has to consider the same type of thing: solving the basic nutritional demands (energy needed on a daily basis…), but in the second case, anyone whose goal is to gain muscle, the dynamic becomes somewhat complicated. In most cases, we tend to take in fewer calories than necessary, for various reasons: lack of nutritional knowledge, poor information, our own metabolism and the way it treats those calories… Resulting, again, in increasing our weight.

You can continue to brush it aside, or seek professional help, but if you already have the knowledge and experience, you can put into practice the protocol for gaining muscle mass.


Lacking calories? Try getting them through some delicious peanut butter


And thirdly, we have the rest factor, the great unknown. Most people we train won’t give it the importance it deserves. Rest, in a way, can be thought of as part of the full range of training. While you rest, you give your body a foothold to take on the burden of training, and put a stop to the mobilisation of resources for training, meaning you can drastically improve tissue regeneration, and consequently recovery. Plan your routine, but above all, don’t forget to rest as an important part of it.

Active rest

You can always spend one to two days a week Active Resting (walking, riding a bike…)

Full Body Routine

Week 2 Plan

Day 1
Day 2
Active Rest
Day 3

Week 2 Routine

  • Day 1
    1) Squat::a+b
    • a) PaP -> set of 3in3 reps [50-60-70-80-90%] – 60s
    • b) 4 sets of 8 reps [75%] – 90s
    2) SuperSets::3 rounds – 90s
    • 12/12x Inverse Lunge with dumbbells + 12x Dead Lift with dumbbells [for both: RiR-2, increasing the load]
    3) SuperSet::3 rounds – 90s
    • 12x Bench Press with dumbbells (neutral grip) + 12x Row with bench support and dumbbells [for both: RiR-2, increasing the load]
     4) Shoulder SuperSet::5 rounds – 90s
    • 10x Front Lifts with Ez bar + 10x Side Lifts [for both: RiR-2, increasing the load]
    5) Abdomen::Isometric Plank -> Lasting 3min
  • Day 2
    1) Military Press::a+b
    • a) PaP -> sets of 3in3 reps [50-60-70-80-90%] – 60s
    • b) 4 sets of 8 reps [75%] – 90s
    2) SuperSet::5 rounds – 90s
    • Chest Dips + Row 90 [for both: RiR-2, increasing the load]
    3) Neutral Grip Pull-Up::3 sets until failure
    4) SuperSet::5 rounds – 90s
    • Good Mornings + Sumo Squat [for both: RiR-2, increasing the load]
    6) SuperSet::5 sets – 60s
    • Curl with Bar + French Press [for both: RiR-2, increasing the load]
  • Day 3
    1) Dead Lift::a+b
    • a) PaP -> sets of 3 in3 reps [50-60-70-80-90%] – 60s
    • b) 4 sets of 8 reps [75%] – 90s
    2) Upright Pull-Ups::3 sets until failure
    3) T-Bar Row::5 sets of 10reps [RiR-2, increasing the load] – 90s
    4) SuperSet::5 rounds – 2min
    • Quadriceps Extension [50kg] + Lying Leg Curls [for both: RiR-2, increasing the load]
    5) SuperSet::3 rounds – 90s
    • Inclined Bench Curl + Tricep Press with EZ bar [for both: RiR-2, increasing the load]
    5) Abdomen::Ab Wheel -> 5×10 – 45s

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Review of Full Body Routine for Hypertrophy Week 2

Hypertrophy stimulus - 100%

HSN nutritional protocol: gaining muscle mass - 100%

Sufficient rest - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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