Keto Bulking Workout – 3rd Week

Keto Bulking Workout – 3rd Week

Let’s continue with the 3rd Week of Keto Bulking Workout. We are going to see if we can gain muscle during bulking phase with a ketogenic diet and a later cutting phase (macrocycle) with a keto diet as well.

Review 2nd Week

This week has been a first contact with extremely high calorie intakes. Above all, this is due to the fact that I have gone from a hypercaloric diet in the 1st week to a extra-hypercaloric diet most of the days.

Weight Review

I have gained quite a lot of weight, this morning I weighed 79.3kg (I have gained 800g). Although it is not an excessive gain it has been more than what it should have been. Therefore, to avoid gaining fat, I am going to follow a strictly Hypercaloric diet (115% / 3.300-3.400 kcal). Except for a day of the week (Friday), which will still be EXTRA-Hypercaloric diet (130% / of 3.700 – 3.800 kcal).

It is getting hard to adjust the calorie intake properly since I cannot do cardio. But I am sure that I will get the gist of it soon.


Still similar to the previous week, I have had to use insulin in the morning every two days.

I still do a control in the morning, but I will also use 10 units of basal insulin at night if I am over 140.

I already knew that a hypercaloric diet is not the best when it comes to controlling the glucose levels. A normocaloric or hypocaloric diet will always be better to keep the glucose under control. This is probably due to the effect of producing glucose through gluconeogenesis.

The problem is that it breaks the ketosis and this has never happened to me after eating protein. However, by increasing the calorie intake and having to use insulin seems to be the reason why that glucose breaks the ketosis 1 or 2 days.

This should not happen to your if you do not suffer diabetes since you will not have that accumulation of glucose in the blood. Moreover, this is also happening because I cannot do intense cardio (everything seems to go against my goals)

Number of Meals

I am still eating 4 meals, I take EVOEXCEL with breakfast in order to take the CREATINE EXCELL 100% Creapure every day.

Mixing the 8 grams with coffee made me feel sick, although some days I will not eat lunch (I work at home on Monday and Friday).

3rd week keto routine

Let’s go back to what we have planned, a high frequency routine with 3 days of full body (I may change the training days, but there always has to be a day of rest between the training days).

Personal workout routine 3rd week

3rd Week Diet

This is the diet I am going to follow this week, with some adjustments:

Do you wanna workout with me?

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