Keto Bulking Workout – 4th Week

Keto Bulking Workout – 4th Week

We have reached the 4th Week of the Keto Bulking Workout. Let’s keep moving forward and gaining weight!

3rd week review

An atypical week, since I have broken the keto diet twice. In fact, the calorie intake has been way too high, since I have not followed the diet 100% due to two events

In general, there is no issue if you eat more calories than what you should during a bulking phase (taking the minimum protein too). However, we will probably gain more fat than what we should. In addition, we will break the ketosis (since you will eat more carbohydrates than normal).

Weight changes

I have gained a lot of weight after breaking the ketosis for 2 days

You will not gain a lot of weight if you eat many calories during a keto diet. But this changes if you eat carbohydrates, so my weight this week is 80.5kg (I have gained 1.200g).

As you can see, this is quite disproportionate.

In fact, many people believe that I have good genes because my weight barely changes. However, I gain weight quite easily if I do not do physical exercise, which is worse now than I cannot do cardio as I used to.

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Therefore, I will readjust again to a Hypercaloric diet (115% / 3300-3400 kcal, with a normocaloric diet (100%, 2900-3000kcal)


Something weird has happened. I have had to adjust the insulin in the morning some days. Moreover, I had to use a lot of insulin one day for dinner because I ate at a restaurant.

The other day I ate with my family and I did not check my glucose levels during the whole day. After playing a paddle match at the end of the day, I checked the blood glucose and it was just 84, which is quite strange.

It seems that the long fasting I did during the summer have probably done something to the pancreas. I believe I have a small insulin reserve because a paddle match does not usually drop my insulin that much… I will have to investigate a little bit more

4th week keto bulking routine

Let’s continue with the plan. Now, it is turn of a high frequency routine with 3 days of full body (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday) focusing on the abs:

Workout description

4th Week Keto Diet

This is the diet I am going to follow this week with the adjustments I previously mentioned in the review:

Would you like to workout with me?

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