How to take protein?

How to take protein?

Proteins are made up of amino acid chains. These are the basic units to grow muscle that also perform several essential physiological functions. But, how do we exactly have to take protein?

Why take Protein powder?

You have probably heard about this product. In fact, you probably know someone that uses it. Usually, the most common question is:

Why do you use supplementation?

At first glance, the answer is pretty simple:

It is a food and, as such, it helps us to follow healthy habits, apart from being an effective and comfortable way of meeting our nutrient requirements. If you are an athlete, you will probably do exercise in order to reach the hypertrophy, and you will need this macronutrient to do so.

If you do no take enough protein, you will not gain muscle mass and the muscle tissue recovery and regeneration will not be adequate.

Moreover, if your workouts are hard and demanding, you will have to increase its intake too.

But if you are following a weight loss program, you will also have to follow a low calorie diet. In this case, the protein intake is crucial in order to preserve the muscle mass.

This macronutrient has the highest satiety index, so it will come in handy if we want to eat less calories.

Woman drinking protein shake

Protein shakes, powders or products are an excellent source of this macronutrient. In fact, they are an interesting choice for those who have higher requirements.

Protein Supplements

They are some of the most popular products in sport nutrition. There are many types that will help you in one way or another depending on your objective.

One of the most used ones is Whey. The whey is obtained from milk, leaving only the protein fractions. Moreover, it will have more or less fats and carbs depending on the manufacturing process.

These are the types that we can find:

Even though all of them come from milk, there are other sources such as:

Scoop of protein powder

A great part of the population uses these supplements. From my point of view, these are practically another food, another protein source to choose from.

Now, we will give some guidelines to make the most of whey.

Establish your Objective

How can I calculate the daily amount of calories I need?

Your objective will probably be one of these 3:

  1. Gain muscle mass.
  2. Lose fat.
  3. Maintain your body weight.

How much Protein you need

How much do you need on a daily basis?

Once you have a diet plan and know how much you will need, you just have to distribute it between solid foods (chicken, turkey, tuna…) and shakes.

The most common choice would be eating 3 solid main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and drink shakes in between. Although any other scheme works too.

Buy Protein Supplements

We suggest checking the HSN specialized store, where you can purchase the best proteins in the market.


When should I drink protein shakes?

This is another of the most recurring questions in the world of supplementation.

Basically, any time you need a protein supply. There are some moments throughout the day when their intake will be more adequate due to their format, absorption rate…

In this case, there are some options depending on the timing:

Two women cooking

All in all, protein products are a very convenient product when it comes to meeting our requirements.

How to use Protein Shakes?

You can mix it with water, milk or juices.

In the case of milk or juice, we will be increasing the nutrient value of the shake by adding other macronutrients.

In fact, we can even cook protein recipes. For example:

For Breakfast


  1. Mix the product with water and drink it. You can eat other macronutrients by adding nuts, rice cakes, cereals, toasts with oil
  2. Combine it with milk or juice instead of water.
  3. You can pour the shake in a cereal bowl.
  4. Cook nutritious crepes.
Here you have the recipe to cook Crepes with Whey Protein


Mix the product with water and drink it between 30-45 minutes before the workout.

You can add some carbs by eating a banana. If you want a more energizing supply to recharge the glycogen deposits use amylopectin. Therefore, we will make sure that our body is nourished in order to face the workout.


Like the pre-workout

Here you have an example of recovery recipes with Evowhey Protein Shakes by SportSeries

Time Released

You can use several protein types in order to get a constant amino acid discharge to the bloodstream.

Sometimes, I mix a concentrate or isolate with micellar casein. Specially if I am not going to be able to eat a meal for some reason.

Mix a serving of Evoexcel (a 50% of concentrate and isolate with colostrum and Digezyme®) and a serving of Evocasein (Micellar Casein).

Meal replacement

A meal has to be balanced. In other words, it needs to provide the necessary nutrients from protein, fats and carbs.

We could use this choice in a pre or post-workout. Since it is better to use protein and carbs because the digestion of fats is very slow.

  • Mix a serving of protein with a bowl of oats, which you should have let soak previously. Then, add a spoonful of peanut butter, without trans fats. Mix everything and dust some cinnamon.
  • Feel free to add raisins, nuts, berries… A recipe with a high nutrient value.
  • Again, mix a serving with water or milk and drink it with a piece of fruit. A fast and nutritious meal!
Click here and try to cook this recipe with Evowhey

For weight loss

If you are following a low calorie diet in order to lose fat, you could get some energy from this macronutrient.

However, eating solid protein for all the meals can be stressful. So we can always drink a shake since it is faster and more comfortable.

We can include any product or food in our diet as long as it fits our objective. But if we can cut some calories while enjoying a great texture and flavor, why not do so?
  • Mix a serving of piña colada Evolate with cold water with ice and enjoy a refreshing protein shake..

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