DigeZyme®, a proprietary enzyme complex

DigeZyme®, a proprietary enzyme complex

DigeZyme® has a wide range of enzymes to support a healthy digestive function.

It is a very popular ingredient that has been added to many supplements (especially protein Supplements such as Evoexcel 2.0 by SportSeries)

What is DigeZyme?

DigeZyme® is a proprietary Digestive Enzyme blend that is obtained from microbial sources which can help to improve the digestive process, since they are involved in the breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates to support our digestive health.

Macronutrients - carbs, proteins and fats

Macronutrients: Carbohydrates, Proteins and Fats

What are Digestive Enzymes?

In general, enzymes are big molecules made up of proteins that are involved the breakdown of big molecules (proteins, fats and carbs) so that they can be properly absorbed.

The breakdown and absorption of macronutrients takes place mainly in the small intestine and it is possible thanks to a proper production of pancreatic protease (to digest the proteins) amylase (to digest carbohydrates) lipase (to digest fats) lactase (to digest lactose).

The benefits of digestive enzymes for the digestionThe Digestive Enzymes help to obtain the nutrients during the digestion

If you want more information, click the following link: Digestive Enzymes and their Importance.

What are the functions of Digestive Enzymes?

Your digestive system breaks down the food you eat into small molecules so that you intestines can absorb the nutrients and take them to the bloodstream.

There are two indispensable processes for this to work:
  1. The mechanic digestion breaks down the food in smaller bits.
  2. The chemical digestion breaks down the food into smaller molecules.

Enzymes for a healthy digestion

The digestive enzymes support the chemical digestion

What are the Properties of Digezyme®?

The DigeZyme® multi-enzyme complex consists of active enzymes that are obtained through a fermentation process with Aspergillus Oryze, including amylase, protease and lipase.

This enzyme group supports the digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. Said group is also resistant to the gastric juices, preserving their digestive activity.

DigeZyme® GMO-free, Suitable for Vegetarians

Digestive enzymes are obtained from several sources, such as the pancreas of some animals (pig and cattle), vegetables (barley) and/or microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi.

In the case of DigeZyme®, we can see that it comes from vegetables and the raw ingredient is GMO-free. This means it does not contain genetically modified organisms from a laboratory.

Digezyme is suitable for vegetarians

DigeZyme is suitable for vegetarians and it is “GMO-Free”

Components of DigeZyme®

  • Amylase, from Aspergillus oryzae, helps to digest carbohydrates (starch and other polysaccharides).
  • Cellulase, from Trichoderma longibrachiatum, helps to digest the cellulose (vegetable fiber)
  • Lipase, from Rhizopus oryzae, helps to digest fats (triglycerides and other lipids)
  • Protease, from Spergillus oryzae, helps to digest the protein (long amino acid chains)
  • Lactase, from Aspergillus oryzae, helps to digest the lactose (the sugar from milk)

Benefits of taking DigeZyme® Digestive Enzymes

Reduce the Indigestion

They help to fix indigestion and acidity problems that happen due to an excess of acid in the stomach. The digestive enzymes can support a healthy digestive function by regulating the acid levels.

Palliate an Enzyme Deficiency

Digesting foods is a task that demands a lot of energy that can be hindered by an enzyme deficiency. However, using DigeZyme® supplementation can increase the energy levels in a few days which will facilitate the digestive process.

Relieve stomach discomfort

Reduce the Risk of Digestive Diseases

There is a growing evidence that digestive enzymes, particularly proteases, can help to relieve autoimmune disorders such as the chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis.

Digestion of Proteins

The protease enzymes (which break down proteins) seem to be quite effective when it comes to reducing the symptoms of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases. They help to break down the food in the digestive tract and help to avoid allergic reactions that can be triggered by undigested food in the colon or bloodstream.

The digestive system

The body tends to identify these tiny bits of undigested food as an invading element, which triggers multiple responses that end up in an allergic reaction

Improve the Digestion of Carbohydrates and Lactose

They reduce the flatulence and bloating, since the complex carbohydrates are substantially digested before entering the intestinal tract. They also improve the digestion of dairy products and the indigestion caused by a lactose intolerance.

A glass of milk lactose

Lactose-free Proteins

How to produce DigeZyme®

DigeZyme is a supplement made of synthesized enzymes from non-pathogenic fungal sources obtained through a fermentation process. The technology that has been used to extract the DigeZyme digestive enzymes provides a clean and pure product that ensure that this multi-enzyme complex does not have any microbial residue.

The pancreatic enzymes have been traditionally used to treat digestive disorders

Prevent digestive disorders

DigeZyme® can provide thorough support to contribute to the digestive function

Uses of DigeZyme® Digestive Enzymes

Preparation of Foods

Some of these enzymes are also used to prepare traditional products. For example, Aspergillus oryzae is used in the fermentation process of soy to produce soy sauce, tamari and miso. The lactase enzyme is used to break down the lactose which is the main disaccharide from dairy products.


The supplementation with the lactase enzyme can be used to help those who suffer lactose intolerance to digest dairy products. Cellulase helps with the breakdown of cellulose, a vegetable polysaccharide. The human body does not produce cellulose, which means that we have to consume it through the diet. Lipase is the enzyme in charge of breaking down the fats we eat.

Digestive enzymes help with lactose intolerance

Lipase is produced in small amounts in our mouth and stomach, and in great amounts in the pancreas

Nutrients Absorption

Lipase is also involved in the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins. The protease enzyme helps to digest the proteins. It can improve the solubility and digestibility of protein sources and it is advised for those who follow a high protein diet.

Advantages of taking DigeZyme®

  • Suitable for Vegetarians.
  • GMO-Free.
  • Better absorption of essential macro and micronutrients.
  • Improved digestion.
  • No bloating, flatulence or stomach discomfort.
  • Without dairy products or soy.
  • Suitable for those with hypersensitivity to pineapples (source of bromelain) or papaya (source of papain) since it does not have bromelain or papain.
  • Resistant to the stomach acid pH. The enzymes that come from animals are more susceptible to be destroyed by the gastric acid and pepsin.

Products that Contain DigeZyme® Digestive Enzymes

There are a series of protein supplements at HSNstore.com that contain DigeZyme to improve the digestion and even the absorption of nutrients, in this case, the amino acids.

Proteins with Digezyme

Proteins are some of the most outstanding products or supplements that contain this proprietary digestive enzyme complex

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