Cystitis is a medical term that is mostly used to refer to an inflammation of the bladder, most of the times it is caused by a bacterial or urinary infection (in the urine). Cystitis can cause pain and it is quite unpleasant, if the infection goes from the bladder to the kidneys it can become a more serious and even chronic problem for our health.

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It is more common in women than men, even though they can also suffer the symptoms of a urinary bladder infection, since it is considered than around a 20% of women had to consult their doctor after suffering discomfort or pain caused by a cystitis at least once a year. That is why there are food supplements that support a healthy urinary tract against the bacteria that trigger cystitis, which help us avoid suffering this uncomfortable problem and the pain it causes, product of a urinary bladder infection, as well as other diseases.

What are the symptoms of a Cystitis

The most common symptoms during an infection or cystitis are:

  • Need to urinate constantly
  • Small amounts of urine
  • Feeling of burning and pain when urinating due to the bacteria and infection
  • Blood and strong smell of the urine
  • Pelvic discomfort that is produced in the urinary bladder
  • Pressure in the lower abdomen

Types of Cystitis

  • Bacteriuria: Presence of urinary infection bacteria in a urine analysis.
  • Lower urinary tract infections: Cystitis is produced in the bladder, while urethritis occurs in the urethra. In the case of men, the infection can happen in the prostate (prostatitis) or in the conducts that produce and excrete the semen (epididymo-orchitis), which are different to a urine infection.
  • Upper urinary tract infections: More serious, such as acute pyelonephritis, an infection that affects the kidneys, after going through the urinary bladder.
  • Uncomplicated urinary tract infections: Basic cystitis or pyelonephritis produced, mostly, in the bladder, suffering the symptoms that we have previously described and suffering pain when urinating.
  • Complicated urinary tract infections: There are other pathologies like metabolic alterations, immunosuppression or the onset of unusual pathogens. They affect children, pregnant women and men as well. It is necessary to take medicines in this case,
  • Recurrent urinary tract infections: Problems that appear again in the urine caused by the same microorganism or by another in the urinary bladder. The symptoms of this problems do not disappear so easily during or after the treatment.
  • Chronic urinary tract infection: the infection becomes chronic, starting in the urinary bladder, which is why the symptoms do not disappear even after the treatment and it can lead to other diseases.

It is advisable to go to the doctor if you suffer one of these problems or worse.

What should we do to prevent a Cystitis infection?

Cranberry is the main ingredient that is normally used to treat the symptoms of cystitis or urinary tract infections, it is considered a superfood. This is especially due to the antibacterial power of cranberries due to their high percentage of vitamin C, antioxidants, the fact that is rich in polyphenols and flavonoids and that it contributes to improving the cardiovascular health, apart from preventing urine infections (cystitis) and their unpleasant pain. It is not a replacement for the medicines advised by your doctor to treat these diseases, rather, it is a food supplement for your health.

In fact, most of the products that are available at our online store to prevent the symptoms of urinary tract infections are cranberry extract supplements in different formats, not medicines. We suggest reading the information regarding each product carefully and to consult your doctor or specialist if you have any doubt or symptom.

What are the properties of cranberries

The information from several studies has proven that the proanthocyadinins (type of flavonoids) found in cranberry can inhibit the adherence of the bacteria (especially eschericia coli which is the one that causes cystitis) to the urinary tract walls of the bladder, avoiding an infection even further. The results of the research showed that the daily consumption of cranberry extract reduces the chances of suffering clinic urinary infection, as well as its symptoms in women with a recent history of cystitis, being the best natural treatment against the infections.

Where can I buy products to prevent Cystitis?

You can purchase different natural food supplements at HSN, most of them with cranberry extracts to prevent any symptom of cystitis or urinary tract infection of the bladder. Capsules, soluble extract, syrup or tea bags are the best choices available at our online store always at the best price in the market and with immediate dispatch. Read the information of the product and consult your doctor or specialist if you have any doubt about what we have explained here.

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