Powerexplosive, also known as David Marchante, is a high performance professional athlete. He has been training since he was a child and he has competed in contact sports. Sports are his passion, especially sport performance and strength training.

He has a Degree in Sciences of Physical activity and Sport and he spends most of his time doing high performance sports, martial arts, contact sports and strength training.

Powerexplosive won the Guinness World Record with the heaviest weighted pull up in 2016. Moreover, Powerexplosive has competed for many years in several contact sports, both locally and nationally and participated in the International Opens.

Powerexplosive's Philosophy

Powerexplosive loves sports and he wants to help others to have a routine and enough motivation to achieve and improve their marks and objectives, like gaining muscle mass, in order to have a custom routine so that you will reach all the goals that you have set your mind to.

In his books, you will be able to find all the information and exercises by Powerexplosive. He provides real, effective information that is always scientifically proven about: training, nutrition, improving the physique and avoiding injuries.

Powerexplosive also has his own high performance training center where, apart from working as a coach for people of high social relevance, he also informs and advises about important topics related to sport like health, physiotherapy and formation.

In this way, you will be able to learn about the exercises, routines and more information that will help you reach your goals, either if you want to gain muscle mass or lose fat.

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    Powerful, vegan-friendly pre-workout. Nervous stimulant, focus effect and complex technology pump; with substances supported by scientific studies and Powerexplosive quality certification.
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    New book by Powerexplosive to get in shape efficiently with a customized approach.
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    Book by PowerExplosive to exploit your resources. All you need to achieve your sport objectives and to improve your workouts efficiently.
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