Gold Nutrition

Gold Nutrition’s Origins

Gold Nutrition was born in 2004 as the first Portuguese sports supplementation company and soon becoming one of the most outstanding and prestigious of the sector.

Its foundation was led by Eco-nutraceuticos, the group that started its career in the year 2000, knowing the need to put on the market products that take into account the health and wellness demands of people.

Gold Nutrition has a long career within companies that offer sports supplements, having raised its market share beyond its borders, covering international commitments, and even becoming a sponsor for athletes, clubs and national teams, establishing itself as a strong character in sport.

In addition, the brand stands out for the effectiveness of its products, formulated from scientific research and results, which combine intelligently to achieve excellent results in the most varied formations and sports.

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Gold Nutrition’s Philosophy

The philosophy of Gold Nutrition is clear: to work around the customer. In this sense, the efforts that are made in order to create new products, are always performed taking into account the needs of athletes and sportspeople.

With this idea in mind, Gold Nutrition does not only opt for high-quality products, but also seeks to make them reach everyone by following a permissive economic policy and placing themselves at the highest positions within the Sports Supplementation brands.

In order to guarantee the quality of the products, rigorous quality controls are carried out throughout the manufacturing process, including the analysis of the raw material and its origins, as well as during the elaboration of the products, having the most suitable machinery and facilities.

Gold Nutrition is committed to providing sports nutrition for performance athletes and sportspeople, and to fulfil all their expectations in this sector, so that your mind can just be on your daily work and training, without losing concentration from your goals for any reason. Gold Nutrition seeks to be a benchmark within Sports Nutrition Supplements.

Gold Nutrition’s Product Range

Within the catalogue of products offered by Gold Nutrition, we will find that the products are separated into different product ranges. In each of these ranges we will find that the products are related by function and the objectives that they seek to fulfil.

Thus, we may point out the following:

Gold Nutritional Clinical

This range is focussed on the products that are related to health. They are based on natural herbal extracts, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids, among other ingredients, offering a wide range of formulas that fit in perfectly with keeping healthy habits, both to prevent certain pathologies, as to support or mitigate the derived symptoms.

We can find products related to health care for certain causes:

  • Depressive symptoms
  • Anxiety
  • Health of the prostate
  • Anemia
  • Cognitive support
  • Joint and regenerative health of the cartilaginous system, tendons and ligaments
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Cholesterol

Gold Nutrition Extreme Force

This is the most extreme range, offering products for athletes and sportspeople that are looking for the highest performance.

The athlete profile who will be interested in this product catalogue will be the one who perform demanding workouts, and whose speciality is related to strength, resistance and high intensity training.

The active ingredients that we are provided seek to supply us with the necessary nutrients for optimum physical recovery, and to promote both muscle regeneration and the growth of new tissues. It also supports resistive work including products that raise energy deposits.

Within the products we will find an array of nutrients such as:

  • Proteins
  • Amino acids
  • Creatine
  • Glutamine
  • Recovery products
  • Pre-Workout products
  • Hormone enhancers

Gold Nutrition Slim

Finally, the Slim range is the dietary section, that promotes weight control and maintenance. For this reason, the featured products will be related to committing to a balanced diet.

Thus, we may find products such as:

  • Low calorie bars
  • Diuretics and body purifiers
  • Meal-substitute shakes

Gold Nutrition Star Products

  • Fast Recovery: is an extraordinary physical and muscular recovery product that includes all the essential ingredients that an athlete and/or sportsperson must be provided when finishing physical efforts. Among these ingredients we will find: Whey proteins, Carbohydrates of different absorption ratio, BCAAs, Vitamins and Minerals, along with Ginkgo Biloba and Alpha Lipoic Acid.
  • Gold Drink: this formula is based on carbohydrates of fast absorption and electrolytes to guarantee the correct and adequate hydration during prolonged efforts, in hard workouts or competitive events.
  • ZMA: hormone enhancer that promotes testosterone, based on the essential minerals Zinc and Magnesium. Along with its hormonal benefits it also favoures nocturnal rest and muscle relaxation.
  • Creapure Extreme Creatine Force: Creatine is one of the most effective aids to boost athletic performance and contribute to muscle development.
  • Extreme Cut Explosion Woman: is a fat loss-oriented supplement specially formulated for women. Its field of action include thermogenesis (raise body temperature to maximize caloric expenditure), diuretic effect (reduce fluid accumulation) and reduction of appetite between meals.
  • Iso Hydro Whey: is a fabulous protein from the best sources, such as Isolac® and Optipep 90®. It is a blend of Isolated and Hydrolyzed Whey Protein, allowing to have a splendid product that will drastically improve the post-training recovery in addition to contributing to muscle growth.
  • V-Protein Pea and Brown Rice: vegan protein that includes protein from pea and brown rice as its sources. It allows to increase the daily protein intake, in this type of diet or in any other. It is naturally sweetened and free of gluten.
  • Total Protein Bar Low Sugar: the perfect snack bars at any time. They are low in calories, with an important contribution of proteins, as well as fiber. Available in three delicious flavours.
  • Endurance Bar: the perfect bar to have with you during a resistance workout. Both because of its size, and of course its flavour and results, once you have tried them, they will become one of your "tools" for training and competitions.

Where to buy Gold Nutrition products?

Gold Nutrition and its complete catalogue, from its different product ranges, can be purchased at our sport nutrition store,

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    100% ecological and organic maitake powder.
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    Wheatgrass powder; with many nutrients and properties.
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    100% Ecological cocoa bits.
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    5 mushrooms with many properties.
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    Organic shiitake mushroom powder.
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