Volume Training. Diet

Volume Training. Diet

Today, within effective volume training series, we bring you an example of a classic weekly diet, where we’ll look at covering our calorie needs while respecting the proportion of macronutrients within the normal parameters.

Metabolism and calorie calculation


We’re using as an example a 28 year old man, with a height of 185cm and a weight of 81kg, giving us a basal metabolism of 1917kcal. However, having a high activity level, this is multiplied by a corrective factor of 1.55 (ideally on the non-training we would lower the calorie intake to around 300-50kcal), resulting in a calorie requirement of around 3565kcal.

As you can see, I propose to increase the calories in 4-week blocks until we reach the marked calories, which we’ll keep until the end, with corrections if there are weight gains of at least 4kg. Every 4 weeks, the following week, we’ll do a week of a short hypocaloric diet (we only take away 5% of our metabolic rate mark), and remember that it’s a good idea to regulate the hormonal environment.

Example diet***Example diet

As you can see, the amount of calories varies from a training day to a rest day, and the percentages of macronutrients also vary, with slightly more carbohydrates added on training days than on rest days.

*** real example diets with products that the user usually buys and likes to eat.

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