Volume Training. Month 6

Volume Training. Month 6

Today we have the efficient volume training routine for March (remember that the first week is a resting week, and if you’ve not rested the first week then rest the next).

March Routine

Volume training month 6 table

As you can see, we are back to a 3-day full-body routine, where we intensify the main exercise of each day. We’ll only do it for 3 weeks, as we’ll dedicate April to 4 specific weeks of improving our strength.

The cardio we’re going to do is only for two days, one of HIIT-type work (on Monday) and one of moderate cardio. The HIIT should be demanding; for example, a 30″ sprint at 90% of our maximum heart rate and a walking or even standing rest of 60″, until completing the 15 minutes.

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Review of Volume Training. Month 6

After rest - 100%

Monday - Full Body - 100%

Wednesday - Full Body - 100%

Friday - Full Body - 100%


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