How to get a Flat Stomach?

How to get a Flat Stomach?

Many people want to find out how to get a flat stomach

But despite people finding the answers, few are actually able to achieve it.

There are countless articles and recommendations on the internet about how to look after your health and appearance.

Why is this? Because the search for beauty and quality of life is one of the main priorities of human beings.

Whether you’re a man or woman, you’re bound to have looked in a full length mirror a number of times and seen reflected back every possible defect in your anatomy, right?. Most people fixate on their legs, hips and stomach.

Exercises lose belly

The rolls sticking out of those body parts – and we don’t know for sure why – seem to affect us more psychologically

This explains why almost every website focussed on exercise, nutrition, quality of life or shopping devote a greater percentage of their space, products and proposals to improving these problem areas.

As we’re always right on trend, in this post we’re going to focus on how to get a flat stomach, and how to keep it over time with a consistent routine of exercise and balanced nutrition

If you want a flat stomach…

  • First of all, I’d recommend not idealising the physical standards of models, influencers or even just people you know.
  • You need to fight your own battles to get a flat stomach, or, even better, a healthy body, without having to submit yourself to extreme training routines or eating only lettuce and carrots.
  • Choose a fitness programme that’s right for your needs and abilities.
  • Get exercise and diet help from a professional.

Myths about getting a flat stomach

At this point, we need to debunk certain myths that have been created around how to get a flat stomach and the use of abs. Particularly those ensuring this kind of exercise is ideal for burning fat

You should know that it doesn’t matter if you do a thousand sit-ups a day, their effectiveness in this area is not to burn fat, rather it tones, and it’s not done that way

The stomach area is made up of muscles and, like any muscle, if you work it frequently it develops and strengthens, but it also needs rest to recover. Forget about doing daily sit-ups.

Seek the advice of an expert to avoid these myths and find out how to work the abdominal muscles correctly.

Landmine abs

You’ll be surprised how good you can look after a few weeks following a routine

If your aim is to get a flat stomach, pat attention to these recommendations on how to define your abs

Reducing Fat Percentage

Of course, these results will be multiplied when you complement your exercises with a balanced hypo caloric diet

To really reduce that protruding belly, you need to reduce your fat percentage, that is, reducing the fat tissue of your body and not just kill yourself by doing sit-ups.

You could have a really strong stomach but if it is completely covered in fat, you still wouldn’t look like you want to

Stomach Vacuum and exercises for a flat stomach

In the search for health and a perfect body, you need to know the two things your muscles need to work: oxygen and energy

The first, (oxygen) is obtained by breathing, and the second we get through food (through diet). As you can see, everything is related. What’s called muscle breathing will be optimal when our respiratory (lung) process is equally optimal and our diet is balanced.

And now an unusual but well-known exercise comes into play, one that provides enormous benefits for our abdomen: the Stomach Vacuum.

They’re a type of exercise known as hypopressive ab exercises.

Among these benefits, it improves posture control, creates a protective abdominal “belt” to guarantee more safety when performing exercises such as the dead lift or squats, and even reduces the risk of lower back injury. What’s more, it promotes a change:

On the other hand, isometric ab exercises are the most effective for their development, which “force” us to work this muscle area according to its functionality: stabilisation.

Notable among them are:

  • Abdominal Plank
  • Ab Wheel
  • Waiter Walk
  • Stir The Pot
  • Landmine Twist
Why mention this? So that you know the importance of exercise as well as a good diet in order to get a flat stomach

Hypocaloric diet for a flat stomach

As the name suggests, it’s a low-calorie diet plan for that person.

In it, calories are controlled, as well as the eating of healthy foods, healthy fats, fibre, and with everything cooked on the grill, steamed or baked. You don’t have to limit yourself to eating lettuce, a balanced diet should also be varied.

This diet, which provides the nutrients required by the body, has immediate effects on weight loss and fat reduction when combined with a good exercise routine that maintains and tones muscle mass.


One of the benefits of this diet is that it won’t have a rebound effect as we’ll be looking for a progressive change

It will be maintained because it’s changing unhealthy eating habits for life, it’s not a temporary obligation, nor a drastic change in a very short time, which can lead to unwanted side effects, such as excess skin, amongst others

What’s involved in it?

Generally, the hypocaloric diet has the following as base values, but don’t take it as a universal structure, it can vary and adapt according to your needs and situation:

  • Carbohydrates: these should take up about 40%. Rice, potato, pastas, pulses…
  • Fats: their percentage usually doesn’t exceed 30% of the diet. Remember that it’s always tailored to your personal needs. These fats are healthy fats, like dried fruits, avocado, olive oil…
  • Proteins:The diet suggests the use of approximately 30% in your meals, consisting, preferably, of lean meats like turkey breast, chicken breast, fish, red meat, etc. Extras that you can include in your dishes are vegetables such as watercress, celery, radish, courgette, cucumber, aubergines, etc..
  • As appetisers, you can also include fruit: plums, strawberries, melon, pineapple, apple, kiwi… Combine these without exceeding the daily kilocalorie limit you need, just combine and eat 3 main meals and two snacks.

Snack salmon

Healthy snacks

We have over 60 healthy snack recipes for you!

Stay active

Although you might work out for an hour a day, if you spend the rest of the time sat down, I’ll tell you something: you’re still sedentary!

There’s no need to show the image of the person who goes to the gym to run on a treadmill…

It’s quite common to observe that when we increase our number of daily steps, positive changes in body composition begin to take place. That’s why you should take up some active habits: walk more, go by bike, climb the stairs, avoid sitting for more than an hour…

Changing habits

Everything comes from creating health habits

Although they’re just simple tips, they all add up, and the end result will «magically» increase your NEAT («Non Exercise Activities Thermogenesis»), your calorie expenditure without counting the training.

Nutritional Suggestions for a Flat Stomach

Workout Routine

To get a flat stomach, I recommend you have strength routine as a basic pillar of your training. «Cardio», although you should remove it, shouldn’t be the axis of your training.

Add metabolic circuits, they’ll help you improve your physical capacity by boosting fat loss.

You shouldn’t overdo it, but be consistent and do it with more intensity than your mind normally wants to give

Make a habit of it

Whether we’re in winter, summer or autumn, we can’t slack off our training and nutrition. We all know that when it’s extremely cold we tend to eat foods high in calories, which becomes heat for the body, and in summer it’s the salads that are more appealing

Unprocessed food

However it is, we need to be rigorous with our plan

Stay hydrated

Although it’s usually a reference point, it really is advisable to drink 2 litres of water a day, which will help aid better digestion, with the subsequent elimination of fat.

Eat and chew slowly

When you want to eat, chew slowly, around 20 times a mouthful, because it’s been proven that the slower you eat, the less food you need to feel satisfied.

Eat fruit and fibre

Eat a lot of fibre, it’s good for digestion. Include fruits in your diet as they provide fibre, vitamins and sugars, but don’t abuse them either.

Benefits fruits

Great for this are oranges, kiwis, pineapples, apples…

Salads, yes, but with protein

Accompany your protein with green salads. Avoid ingredients that can make you swell, like lettuce and broccoli does to some people.

Don’t be afraid of protein shake powders, they’re just the same as a tin of tune or a chicken breast, they should not be taken excessively, but as if they were any other normal protein source

Cut of fizzy drinks, processed foods…

Have zero tolerance with fizzy juices, sugars, processed foods, etc.

If you want to get a flat stomach, follow these tips and get to work, summer’s just around the corner!

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