Mixed Maca Powder

Mixed Maca Powder

The Mixed Maca Powder is one of the best superfoods available in the market, since it offers all the benefits of the Andean maca: it increases the vitality, regulates the nervous, hormone, and endocrine system, it calms the nerves, stimulates the libido, regulates the blood pressure and blood flow, favors beauty and improves the mood.

The mixed maca powder contains a variety of the different types and colors of Andean maca in proportion to a typical harvest of the Junín-Pasco region.

Around a 51% comes from yellow root seeds, white, or slightly dotted; around a 22% is made up of seeds from purple-violet roots; a 17% corresponds to red root seeds and around a 10% comes from black or gray root seeds. The mix can be done differently, according to the likes and requirements of each person.

What is better, mixed maca or a specific variety?

In Peruvian traditional medicine, the colors of the maca seed have never been taken into account. However, the last research on this plant have proven that each color corresponds to different properties according to their concrete active ingredients, which provide different medicinal or therapeutic solutions for those who consume them.

That is why, if we want to consume maca in order to solve a specific health problem, we must always choose maca from a single seed (not mixed), since it will have a better effect on the organism. The following cases will serve as an example of which maca products are the most adequate:

  • Red maca is used to relieve prostate problems
  • Black maca is used to solve infertility problems in men
  • Red maca is used to relieve menstrual problems of the female cycle
Yellow Maca powder on a wooden spoon

However, if we want to obtain its general effects on health and vitality, it is advisable to consume mixed maca powder, since this format contains the most complete spectrum of maca and offers all the benefits of this plant to its consumer.

The mixed maca powder is one of the most complete superfoods and nutritional products that we can find, since it favors the organism overall, and provides the following benefits for our health:

  • Favoring the hormone balance overall, both in men and women
  • Increasing the libido, desire and sex drive, both in men and women
  • Increasing the vitality and energy and protecting the immune system
  • Remineralizing the bones and stimulating the blood flow
  • Reducing the high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome
  • Favoring the beauty and aspect of the skin
  • Helping to detoxify the organism

Mixed maca favors the hormone balance

The hormone balance is essential to regulate the emotional state and vitality of the organism. The balance of sexual hormones (androgens, progestogens, and estrogens) and the thyroidal hormones that perform an essential role in the physical state of a person.

When there is some kind of hormone balance, this affects our mental health. Such is the importance of the gland system that in philosophy and ancestral therapies, like yoga, each gland is related to a point of energy or chakra.

The unbalance of the hormone system has several causes, environmental factors included, such as the substances called xenoestrogens that are found in plastic bottles, contaminated tap water, and pesticides. Moreover, there are other factors of hormone unbalance, such as being overweight or being subjected to radiation.

In general, the disorders are due to an estrogen excess (female hormones), that produce a depressant effect and that reduce the vitality, both in men and women.

The maca is an adaptogen that has the ability to regulate the endocrine system from the inside and gives it back its balance. In clinical studies on maca, it has been proven that it reduces the effects of menopause and they also can regulate the ovulation cycle and re-establish its balance. The maca, even if it does not increase the testosterone levels, it produces similar effects, such as increasing the libido and sex drive, brightening the skin, providing more mental clarity, improving the mood, and increasing the growth of muscle mass.

Mixed maca increases libido and sex drive

The maca is the only natural plant with aphrodisiac effects. This is due to the ingredients in has: macaenes and macamides.

Studies on the lack of sex drive that the SSRI antidepressants produce, have proven that maca can reduce, partially or totally, the effects of the psychotropic medicines.

The maca increases libido and reduces the effects of a lack of sex drive that is produced after menopause. Moreover, in clinical studies on patients with erectile dysfunction, it has been proven that maca helps to reduce this dysfunction.

Mixed maca increases the vitality and strengthens the immune system

The maca is a plant that grows in Peru at high altitudes. The maca seeds have special ingredients used to protect from predators, such as mustard oil glycosides, which are a natural pesticide that has anti-cancer effects on the human body. This property makes of maca one of the best superfoods available in the market.

But maca has a lot more properties, such as a high selenium content. This guarantees a proper interaction between different organs.

The European population has a selenium deficiency in the organism. This lack can be solved by consuming 10g of maca powder.

Apart from being an antioxidant element, selenium also removes heavy metals from the organism and protects it from cancer. Selenium is an essential mineral for the optimal functioning of the thyroid gland and the central nervous system, which is why it influences the vitality of the organism and the functioning of plenty of organic and hormonal processes.

Mixed maca improves the blood flow and strengthens the bones

Another property of the maca is that it reduces the iron deficiency, which stimulates the formation of new blood proteins and favors the absorption of the minerals contained in other foods. In numerous clinical studies it has been proven that maca increases the bone density by stimulating a higher absorption of minerals for the organism.

Mixed maca reduces the metabolic syndrome and hypertension

Yellow Maca Powder for our Health

Maca is one of the superfoods with a higher amount of potassium, which favors the excretion of sodium and reduces blood pressure.

Among the factors that trigger a high blood pressure, resistance to insulin and lipid alteration in the organism, which is known as metabolic syndrome, can trigger a type 2 diabetes or a cardiovascular disease. Moreover, maca has many more properties, such as reducing the bad cholesterol or regulating the functioning of the pancreas.

Advice when purchasing mixed maca

It is advisable to always buy organic maca from the Junín-Pasco region of Peru. This is the authentic maca and the one that guarantees the best properties for the organism.

This type of maca has a protected denomination origin that appears in all the products that are sold under the name “Junín-Pasco Maca” or maca from the “Meseta del Bombón”. Mixed maca can be consumed as organic maca powder (for those who have a normal digestion), as gel powder (for those with a sensitive stomach) or as maca extract (for those with digestive problems).

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The maca has a great amount of potassium which is why those who suffer renal insufficiency should avoid its consumption, as it happens with foods rich in potassium.

When there are no problems of renal insufficiency, the high potassium content of the maca helps to reduce too high blood pressure. For safety reasons, it is not advisable to use maca during pregnancy, although toxicological studies have not found any problem and, in fact, the maca tends to be consumed by pregnant women in Peru. In any case, from our website we recommend to consult a doctor before using maca in order to avoid any possible problem.

Summary about Mixed Maca Powder

  • Mixed maca is a combination of all the varieties of Andean maca that can be found in a traditional crop.
  • Mixed maca, with its plant sterols, helps to balance the hormone system, which contributes to increasing the beauty of the person that consumes it.
  • Mixed maca stimulates the libido and increases sex drive even in those who suffer depression or are using antidepressants.
  • The mixed Andean maca improves the mood, stimulates the thyroid gland, and strengthens the immune system. This is due to the high selenium and glucosinolates content.
  • Mixed maca prevents osteoporosis, since it increases the absorption of calcium by the organism and increases the iron content in blood.
  • Mixed maca has a high potassium content, which reduces the hypertension and the metabolic syndrome.
  • Mixed maca can be found in different formats: organic maca, gelatin, or extract.

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