Almond Flour Bread

Almond Flour Bread

Our mouths are watering with the gluten-free almond flour bread we have prepared!

Almond flour is a classic for sweet recipes, but… Only sweet? Of course not!

Almond flour is a very natural ingredient that is produced from processing peeled almonds after a process of boiling for shelling.

Recipe Tips: Almond Flour Bread

  • Preparation time: 20 minutes
  • Cooking time: 30 minutes
  • Portion size: 1 Bread roll
  • Number of servings: 8
  • Cooking style: Mediterranean


  • 400g of Almond Flour from FoodSeries
  • 1 teaspoon of sea salt
  • 8g of Psyllium Husk from EssentialSeries
  • 30g Organic Virgin Coconut Oil by BioSeries
  • 1 dash of rice vinegar (you can use white wine or apple vinegar)
  • 4 Medium eggs
  • 1 sachet of baking powder
Nutritional Information per serving
of which saturates:4,5g
of which sugars:3,5g

How to make: Almond Flour Bread

  1. Mix all the "dry ingredients" (almond flour, Psyllium, baking powder and salt) in a large bowl.
  2. In another bowl, pour the 4 eggs and beat them. Add the coconut oil and vinegar.
  3. Gradually add the contents of the bowl of "dry ingredients" into the egg mixture until it is finished and fully integrated.
  4. Attention! The dough must be malleable with your hands. If you notice that the integration of the dry ingredients is impossible even with your hands, you can wet your fingers with extra virgin olive oil every time you knead it, until the mixture has a perfect texture.
  5. Take a rolling pin and cover it with a thin layer of coconut oil. Pour the dense dough on the table and knead it until it is completely homogeneous all over.
  6. Cut the dough with a knife into segments of approximately the same size, shape them with your hands to obtain a "mollete" shape.
  7. Make a small cut in the centre of the upper area so that it acquires a crunchy texture when baked.
  8. Place the breads on a baking tray with non-stick paper.
  9. Place it in a medium height, in an oven preheated to 180ºC with air from above and below, and bake for approximately 30 minutes.
  10. Put the bread in a basket and if you don't use it for a group lunch or dinner, freeze it. It can last up to 6 weeks in the freezer.
We’ve left the ingredients in this shopping cart so that you don’t forget anything when you go to make this fantastic recipe.
Review of Almond Flour Bread

Quick to make - 100%

Ingredients - 100%

Nutritional value - 100%

Taste - 100%


HSN Evaluation: 5 /5
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