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BSN® (Bio-Engineered Supplements and Nutrition, INC.) is a company that was created in order to provide unique and effective, scientifically proven products.

Founded in 2001, BSN® is a pioneer in the industry and has become a world leader in sports nutrition through a tireless dedication to creating dynamic products, thinking outside of the box, that are sure to inspire each individual to reach their true potential and unlock the greatness that lies within.

BSN® is unique. Don't miss out on all their products!

Table of contents

How was BSN born?

BSN® was founded in 2001, it’s a company with 20 years of tradition in the development of food supplements for athletes, hence the great expertise in the specific formulation of its products.

BSN® is firm in its commitment to set new standards in product development with a complete dedication to each of the most important principles that govern the brand:

Innovate & never duplicate!

With the development of products such as No-Xplode®, which marked a real turning point in the field of pre-training food supplements and created the entire category worldwide.

No-Xplode® catapulted BSN® into the stratosphere of sales and recognition among fitness practitioners to the cry of "what a powerhouse"

A unique pre-workout that has been the talk of the town over the years, and which opened the door to the complete development of all the products that today make up BSN®'s extensive and varied catalogue.

BSN® in commitment to its customers

For BSN®, its customers are the priority:

The entire product development as well as the customer service are the most important factors that establish the development and action pillars of the company.

The company's own managers publicly acknowledge the confidence of consumers in the company and its vision and values in the market.

BSN® Innovates, never duplicates.

In direct contact with its users

BSN® has grown through customer confidence in its products, and the tireless work of its experts, technicians and workers from various departments to ensure that the brand is fully developed.

BSN® is constantly improving its products, largely due to the feedback it receives from its customers, with whom it is in direct contact through social networks, by telephone, at conventions, exhibitions and congresses where BSN participates actively and repeatedly in order to listen to all the criticisms: Good, Bad and Indifferent, with the aim of improving.

BSN® and scientific development

BSN® has a strong commitment to science, in fact its very name "Bio-Engineered Supplements®" reflects this.

It chooses compounds of recognised efficacy that have methodological quality clinical trials (randomisation, control, blind, etc.) for the formulation and development of its supplements.

BSN® is also working on finding a third source for analysing the quality of its specific formulas, by carrying out studies on sportspeople so that the company does not participate in taking or processing the data, making it totally impartial.

BSN is the most scientifically developed sports brand in the American market.

What will you find from BSN® at HSN®?

BSN® is a company that distributes to more than 100 countries on all 5 continents. One of the largest distributors in Spain is HSN®.

At HSN® we have worked with BSN® since the beginning of our project launch, as it was a company that we trusted thanks to the work ethic of its entire team.

Today you can find around ten of the best BSN® supplements in the HSN® catalogue.

You can find BSN® products at the best price on the market on our website!