All you need to know about PeptoPro®

All you need to know about PeptoPro®

In this article, we are going to talk about a high performance protein: PeptoPro®

Either if you are a professional or amateur, it would be useful to understand which are the most efficient proteins. In fact, this will be important if you train at a high intensity.

Taking the right protein at the right time is one of the most important strategies when it comes recovering and enhancing the performance.

Needs of Athletes

One of the most critical points that all athletes have in common is their need to improve the recovery. Otherwise, our body will not be able to properly assimilate the benefits of the workout.

Subjecting the body to hard efforts and high intensities breaks down our skeletal muscle

However, it is necessary when it comes to generating the adaptations that come from the physical activity.

Athlete recovering from a match

That is why focusing on this part of the workout with the right products will provide remarkable results.

Nutrition is crucial if we want to achieve our goals. If you want to know how should the diet of a performance athlete be, click here

What is PeptoPro®?

PeptoPro® is an advanced peptide formula from milk protein, more specifically from Hydrolyzed Casein

Actually, it has > 20% of di and tri-peptides, which are very small molecules that do not need to be digested by the body. Consequently, our organism absorbs them extremely fast.

Scoop of hydrolyzed casein

PeptoPro® is available as a powder that is very easy to dissolve in water. Moreover, its enzyme formula gets rid of the unpleasant flavor of hydrolyzed products.

Features of PeptoPro®

It has the 20 necessary amino acids for the protein synthesis. Most of them are available as di and tri-peptides.

These molecules do not need to be digested, so our body absorbs them very quickly and transports them to the muscle fibers.

Three men running

Power athletes can take advantage of the properties of PeptoPro

It is practically lactose and fat-free due to its manufacturing process. Therefore, it is ideal both for those who suffer stomach discomfort or milk allergy, since the digestion will be easier. Moreover, it is an instant formula that can be completely dissolve even in cold water.

Benefits of PeptoPro®

During clinical trials, those who have tried Peptopro® have experienced the following situations:

  • A better sport performance and more resistance
  • Improved post-workout recovery
  • Fast post-workout protein synthesis
PeptoPro® is becoming more and more popular among high performance athletes. Actually, it is the result of the search for a sports drink by the Dutch Olympic Committee. Thus, said protein product was launched in 2004, causing a great impact. Nowadays, professional athletes use PeptoPro® both for their workouts and competitions.

How is PeptoPro® absorbed?

Digestion of protein

After taking it, the protein goes through a digestive process. After the first stage, it arrives at the small intestine, where the amino acids enter the bloodstream. To put it simply, amino acids are the units that make up proteins.


PeptoPro® is a hydrolyzed protein, meaning that it has undergone a hydrolysis process. Consequently, it has changed its structure, modifying and obtaining a high peptide concentration that our body can easily absorb.

Hydrolysis process

Said hydrolyzed structure directly goes to the bowel where it will be absorbed.

Absorption rate

PeptoPro® increases the absorbable protein supply to the body.

Peptopro, Micellar casein and whey

In the image, you can see the connection between muscle strength and the time it takes to recover depending on the protein type. PeptoPro® starts to regenerate the muscles approximately 30 minutes after taking it.

Thanks to this feature, PeptoPro® is one of the best drinks for the post-workout recovery. In fact, at this moment the body is not ready to perform a heavy digestion. Therefore, we can make it easier for our body with the described amino acid structure.

What does PeptoPro® provide to your muscles?

Taking PeptoPro® before the workout will release a great amount of amino acids, di and tri-peptides. As we previously explain, your body will absorb them almost instantly. Then, they will enter the bloodstream so that our muscle tissues can use them to perform their functions.

The latest research has proven that having high blood amino acid levels during the workout inhibits the protein breakdown. Above all, this is thanks to taking PeptoPro® around 30-60 minutes before the workout. In fact, it can even improve the protein synthesis during the workout.

Man pulling a wheel

So, apart from enhancing the post-workout muscle growth, peptide supplementation stimulates the regeneration of muscle strength. Actually, is more effective than any other protein source, as we can see in the previous image.

Furthermore, said amino acids will enhance the post-workout recovery and regeneration.

How to take PeptoPro®?

During the workout

  • It will protect the muscle mass during the workout and buffer the damage on the muscle tissue
  • During the second hour of a long workout, the body gets between a 5-15% of energy from the amino acids. So, using supplementation will prevent the body from breaking down the protein from the skeletal muscle.
  • PeptoPro® reduces the catabolism during the workout. The effect will be a better performance and more resistance
  • Moreover, it does not cause stomach discomfort due to the molecular structure, even if the blood flow to the stomach drops.

Man weightlifting

After the workout

  • Taking PeptoPro® just after the workout will ensure an optimal muscle recovery. This is thanks to the peptide supply during the post-workout period.
  • Consequently, the effect will be an immediate and remarkable recovery.

How can we combine PeptoPro®?

We can use other supplements to improve and enhance the effects of PeptoPro

For instance, you can use carbohydrates and mineral salts to recharge the glycogen deposits and avoid becoming dehydrated.

Another one of the best supplements are cyclodextrins and electrolytes. In fact, you can mix them in the same drink and use them during the workout session.

Man standing on one arm

PeptoPro can improve the sport performance and muscle resistance

Who can benefit from PeptoPro®?

Athletes and/or active people with a high physical wear who perform high intensity and activities for a long time and who want:

  • Recovery
  • Performance
  • Growth of muscle mass
  • Reduce the catabolism

Three people doing squats at the gym

Some of the sport disciplines are: Athletics, CrossFit, Bodybuilding, Weightlifting, Rowing, Boxing…


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