Electrolyte and mineral drinks

Electrolyte and mineral drinks

Electrolyte drinks have a refreshing flavor and they are used to recover the fluid that has been lost after physical exercise and intense workouts, which is why they are the favorite drinks of athletes and sportspeople.

This type of drinks provide liquid, carbs and vitamins that are lost after physical activity. Therefore, they are an essential supplement for athletes and the best substitute for traditional soft drinks.

When the body carries out an intense physical activity or effort, it loses a lot of liquid and, with it, many important nutrients. Electrolyte drinks compensate for this loss, improving the recovery process and preventing a drop in terms of physical performance.

Electrolyte drinks provide a combination of vitamins and different substances (sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, salts and other elements). The minerals they provide are a necessary element for athletes and sportspeople, since it allows them to recover the fluids and nutrients that are lost during a physical activity.

The physical effort causes the loss of a great amount of fluids and liquids, if we take electrolytes we will be compensating for this loss and preserving our health.

What are electrolyte drinks?

They are dietary supplements that have the following ingredients: minerals, vitamins, trace elements, carbohydrates, nutrients, and substances like calcium, potassium, sodium, salts, magnesium and other elements that are indispensable for the organism.

They allow us to restore the liquids that are lost by the body after an intense physical activity.

Types of drinks for athletes

Properties of electrolyte drinks

They usually come in powder that is dissolved easily with water. Some of its ingredients are vitamins, trace elements and carbohydrates that directly provide the body with the nutrients and energy that it needs.

The combination of electrolytes found in this type of beverages is enhanced to stimulate an optimal absorption of the nutrients. Apart from preserving our health, they also protect the muscles from the onset of cramps.

Consuming electrolytes regularly can significantly improve the physical and athletic performance.

Who can benefit from electrolyte drinks?

They are especially advised to:

  • Enhance the sport performance
  • Get the nutrition you need through a refreshing drink
  • Compensate for an unbalanced diet
  • Fight muscle weakness
  • Combat stress

Sources of electrolytes

Electrolytes are involved in all the metabolic processes of our body, either directly or indirectly. A balanced diet should supply all of them.

In nature, they are found in vegetables, fruit, fish and low-fat meat, and we can also find them in some liquids, such as mineral water, milk, or fruit juices.

Athletes need to take more electrolytes and dietary supplements than other people. The most comfortable choice is to consume this type of supplements with electrolytes, which provide the body with the liquids that it loses during physical efforts.

Find out what are the best foods to recover the electrolytes for the body

What causes an electrolyte deficiency in the body?

Our body cannot produce the minerals it needs on its own, which means that it needs a proper supply of these substances through the food we eat.

Minerals protect the body against excessive acidity and stimulate muscle growth. When there is a deficiency, there is a lack of strength and energy, which means that the body has to compensate for the deficiency by means of its own reserves, which can lead to bone loss or even more serious consequences for our health.

An electrolyte drink quickly and efficiently provides important liquids and vitamins, making sure that the body does not lack any vital nutrients.

How to take an electrolyte drink

An electrolyte drink is the perfect supplement for people who practice all kinds of sports.

A loss of liquids produced during physical exercise can be quickly fixed with an electrolyte drink which will allow the body to recover. The specific dose will depend on the product.

Normally, they are sold in powder format and the optimal result is obtained by following the instructions on the product and making the correct mix with the water.

Electrolyte drinks for endurance sports

Who can especially benefit from an electrolyte drink?

  • Athletes who perform endurance sports and intense physical activity
  • Those who suffer from a vitamin deficiency
  • People that carry out activities that require a great physical effort
  • Those who suffer from muscle weakness
  • People who follow an unbalanced diet

The opinion of nutritionists and experts on electrolyte drinks

Clinical studies have shown that intense physical exercise and an unbalanced diet can result in a loss of bodily fluids and nutrients. This can cause problems, which is why it is advisable to consume products with electrolytes.

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