Guarana: What is it, What are its Properties and Benefits

Guarana: What is it, What are its Properties and Benefits

You may relate the name Guarana to a popular drink. However, its properties go beyond this fact, since it can improve our physical performance as well as our cognitive function.

What is Guarana?

Guarana, also known as Paullinia Cupana, is a seed that has more caffeine than coffee beans themselves. It is used a supplement due to its stimulating and invigorating properties. This plant, or more specifically, its active principles, are regarded as herbs with beneficial properties for our health.

Guarana Seeds

The seeds come from a bush native to the Amazon. They have been traditionally used for their effects to increase the physical performance.

What are the properties of Guarana

Guarana has xanthines, like caffeine, catechins, tanins, procyanidins, saponins and other phytochemicals. Xanthines are alkaloids that have stimulating effects, which means that they affect the central nervous system, producing a series of alterations. These properties are interesting for those who are carrying out a phase of weight loss or control (diet) and for sportspeople and/or athletes who want to improve their sport performance.

Properties of Guarana

Combining a healthy diet with physical exercise enhances the effects of guarana to lose weight

Uses of Guarana

Guarana can perform plenty of functions and it can be useful for certain remedies. It can also provide support for:Uses of Guarana

Benefits of Guarana

Relieves the pain

Guarana has been used to relieve the pain and treat the fatigue syndrome. In this sense, it has great analgesic properties, to calm and reduce the pain that is caused by a nerve alteration (neurasthenic). It also has anti-inflammatory properties.

Digestive health

It is also useful for stomach swelling (gases), dyspepsia (bad digestion) and even to control obesity.

Guarana and Digestive Health


Guarana can slow down the premature aging due to its antioxidant properties. They are even superior to those of green tea, since guarana is rich in catechins. As it has been shown in this study, catechins can reduce the oxidative stress when they are absorbed. The oxidative stress tends to trigger the onset of neurodegenerative and cardiovascular disorders or other harmful conditions.

Cardiovascular Health

It is also used to support cardiovascular health, particularly to strengthen the heart while reducing the formation of clots.

Guarana and Heart Health


It has a higher percentage of caffeine than coffee, which is why it tends to be included in energy drinks. The active ingredient from guarana is called guaranine. Its seeds can be toasted like coffee beans in order to make guarana infusions.

Cognitive support

Its stimulating effect also enhances the focus (concentration) and mental acuity. This results in an improved control of the mental faculties due to the stimulation of the central nervous system. This effect is especially beneficial to enhance the ability to study or to solve problems.

Guarana and Cognitive Support

Guarana to lose weight

It is usually advertised as a herbal extract that supports weight loss. This is due to its ability to increase the thermogenesis apart from helping to control the appetite (anorectic effect). Its ability to increase the body temperature uses more calories since there is a higher percentage of fatty acids that can be oxidized. This will help us obtain an important energy supply to enhance our metabolism, even when we are resting. Caffeine also has a diuretic effect, which will be beneficial for those who tend to retain liquids.

Guarana to lose weight

Guarana to increase the Libido

Another interesting property of guarana is the fact that it contributes to improving our sexual relationships. This is due to the fact that it increases the libido since it is an aphrodisiac and invigorating element. Consequently, this means that it can increase the energy and stamina, improving the sexual activity overall, even though it will not improve the erection.

Its combination with Arginine and maca can be a powerful pre-sexual combo

Guarana and Libido

Guarana for the Sport Performance

The power of caffeine, if it is cycled and it does not become a routine, can drastically increase the physical performance of sportspeople/athletes. Caffeine is an allowed ergogenic support. This means that we can consume it without any issue regarding an anti-doping test. Moreover, it has been observed that it can increase both the strength and the resistance of the muscles. This will reduce the onset of physical and mental fatigue, which is related to more intense and longer workouts or events.

Difference between Guarana and Anhydrous Caffeine

The main difference between a Guarana and Caffeine supplement (anhydrous) is that lies on the fact that the latter acts faster, apart from having a shorter effect. On the other hand, the caffeine from Guarana will produce a progressive effect that will last a lot longer. It is important to take this into account depending on the activity that we are going to practice. They can also be combined.

Guarana is a stimulant that does no produce nervousness nor restlessness. It increases the energy and focus for a longer period of time than coffee. All of this, without overloading the heart nor the blood flow.

These seeds are an effective way of increasing the energy progressively. This is the reason why it is perfect for those who want to improve their performance without the effects of caffeine nor energy drinks.

Guarana and Sport Performance

Who can benefit from Guarana?

  • Those who want to reduce their fat percentage, and who are following a nutritional and sport plan. At the same time, any athlete who wants to improve their performance by reducing the onset of physical fatigue and supporting the focus during the activity.
  • Due to its properties to enhance the state of alertness, it can also be quite interesting for those who perform cognitive tasks. For example students, who tend to suffer mental wear and fatigue. Guarana will help them maintain their concentration for a longer time.
  • Those who want to improve the quality of their sex relations.
We need to take into account that a constant consumption can produce an adaptation. This will reduce its effects until it no longer stimulates our body. Not advised for people with cardiovascular problems nor without medical supervision

How can we take and combine Guarana?

In general, Guarana can be purchased as a single product or as a formula that includes other compounds that is designed for weight loss.

The dose can change from one person to another, since each one has a different sensitivity to caffeine. In this way, the dose may move between 200-800mg of guarana. Moreover, it is always advisable to start with the lowest dose and observe its effects.

Contraindications of Guarana

You should consult your doctor before starting to use guarana supplementation if you are using any medication. Pregnant women should not take supplements with high doses of stimulants.

Some of the risks and side effects of guarana are the same ones that we can find in caffeine and, depending on the dose, the sensitivity, and tolerance of the person. We may experience: sleep problems, anxiety, restlessness, stomach pain, accelerated heartbeat, high blood pressure…

Safe Dose of Guarana

How to take Guarana?

The intake of guarana is important if we want to benefit from its effects.

You can take it either regularly or temporarily. However, it is important to make sure that we do not take more than five grams daily.

The body is capable of absorbing this amount easily. With it, we will benefit from all the properties of this supplement. It is better to take small doses of guarana, distributed throughout the day if we want to relieve convulsions or headaches.

Where can I buy Guarana?

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