Homemade Cosmetics: Made with Natural Products

Homemade Cosmetics: Made with Natural Products

We present to you some 100% natural products for Homemade Cosmetics. Learn how to make your own homemade cosmetics, essential for authentic beauty.

The art of manufacturing cosmetics at home is quite simple, although it does require creativity, commitment and a curiosity that leads us to investigate natural products that were already used in a science that is as old as the great Egyptian empire.

Ancestral Remedies

Ingredients such as chamomile, honey, dill, cinnamon, wheat, lavender, mint, barley and corn, to name but a few.

Homemade cosmetics

They can be found in any garden, vacant land, or simply purchased at a good market or natural shop at a much lower price than some industrially manufactured items.

  • Who doesn’t remember a grandmother recommending drinking beetroot, carrot and orange juices, not only to brighten up good skin tone but also to energise with Vitamin C and D?
  • Or a mother prepare a good quantity of natural chamomile tea to enliven the clarity of a daughter’s hair?

They were very wise those who, in the course of life, learned to appreciate from a very young age chamomile being used to soften and lighten the hair; the wheat in powder form to keep a baby free of rashes, oats to prepare face masks or avocado to moisturise dry hair.

Making cosmetics and wellness products for the face and skin in general would become, as it is today, a multi-million dollar business across the globe.

Sometimes with not very satisfactory results, others with wonderful mixtures and inventions for any woman.


Who doesn’t remember Empress Cleopatra, who dipped herself in abundant donkey milk baths to moisturise and rejuvenate her skin?

There are many examples of the wonders of home cosmetics.

Are Homemade or Natural Cosmetics really that convenient?

Some want to argue this point, but home cosmetics always win out.

Have get to work quicker

It’s claimed that the active ingredients of the products manufactured at home have a greater effect on the face because they are applied directly, without mixing or the intervention of any chemical.

They therefore act more quickly, without preservatives or substances that cause side effects on the health of the user’s skin.


Another argument for the extraordinary effects of homemade cosmetics is that the effect is more immediate and superior.


The fact that we’ve found substances such as lead and arsenic in some industrial make-ups does not help the non-homemade cosmetics team.

But these discoveries have contributed to a thorough review of these procedures and the elimination of this type of substance in many make-up production lines.


Homemade cosmetics not only enhance you naturally, any cream you apply to your face is absorbed by 60% by the dermis, so care needs be taken too.

Naturally present nutrients

The plants we talked about earlier: chamomile, peppermint, lavender and pomegranate, to name but a few, bring with them a whole host of antioxidants and phytonutrients.

They also bring benefits to the environment, which is highly appreciated in times when the effects of climate change are evident to all.

Natural ingredients

Priorities in confinement

The pandemic, which is affecting everyone in the world, can be limiting, in some countries more fiercely than others, on the free mobility of people to search in different places for the product that meets their needs.

Yet we still have home delivery services, and it’s good to know which reliable products we can count on.

How long do Natural Creams last?

Remember, do not expect a cream you have prepared at home with ingredients such as beeswax, plant oils, distilled water, essential oils, Vitamin E or any other valuable additions from nature to remain in good condition as long as an industrial cream, as these have preservatives that allow them to last.

Face mask

Six months is quite a long time for a homemade cream, think about it and check its condition before applying it. Maintaining the freshness of the product is essential.

What ingredients does a Natural Cream have?

Many companies are currently competing with each other and with themselves to improve the quality of their offers to the public. There is the Oriflame cream, from Essentials.

This product is described as a Multi-Benefit Nutritive Cream for Face and Body.

It’s formulated with a nutritional complex enriched with Almond Oil, Cocoa Butter and Avocado Oil.


Its special composition moisturises and protects the skin from the cold.

So you know you have a protective base that will free your skin from suffering in inclement weather.

The product’s advertising offers it as a 5 in 1 cream, that: illuminates and lightens the face; nourishes, softens, moisturises and protects it from environmental aggressions.

Those who have used it compare its smell to that of a baby and point out that it is not at all greasy.

The creams and cosmetics produced by this natural-oriented company are part of those that have sought to rescue the value of actives extracted from plants and other additives to offer increasingly better products for female beauty.

We’re not advertising, we’ve referenced this one as there are some others that may be worthwhile as well, and next is the icing on the cake.

From the inside too

As stated and is medically proven, what we consume for the inside determines how our body looks on the outside.

Green tea

Essential Series offer a great range of products aimed at ensuring our interior wellbeing.

What are these natural products?

  • We can start by mentioning the Andean Maca Extract, a plant of Andes origin, also called Peruvian ginseng because of the strength and energy it brings to the body.
  • Green Tea Extract, a well-known antioxidant that can improve intelligence and contains bioactives that are conducive to optimising health.
  • Ginger and Spirulina Powder Extracts are a another natural source of nutrients, and just some of hundreds of others products aimed at to improve your health.
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Gingko Biloba, essential oils, coconut oil and multiple other antioxidants are there too – you really can’t miss out!



At this point in time, everyone in the world needs to look after themselves. Of course, within the framework of what they call the new normal – which we are travelling through with optimism, but with many expectations.

The use of this type of 100% natural product will help us to maintain a correct upkeep of our health, both inside and outside.

These allies that you can find for sale at HSN are essentials for making your home combinations.


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