How to Prevent Orange Peel Skin

How to Prevent Orange Peel Skin

One of the most-asked questions amongst women: How do you prevent orange peel skin?.

Orange peel skin, better known as celulitis, is one of a woman’s worst enemies, especially when it comes to searching for an enviable summer body.

Showing off your legs or abdomen can become a threat to your self-esteem when you see the shadow of this type of imperfection, resulting either from the type of food you eat or from the lack of movement of a sedentary life.

Reduce cellulite

However, there’s a lot of remedies you can call on to tackle this health and aesthetic setback.

Here are some tips for improving your lifestyle appearance.

Nutritional Advice for Tackling Orange Peel Skin

To avoid orange peel skin, a good diet is absolutely essential


First up in our repertoire of ideas, besides of course starting with a balanced distribution of nutrients, are to drink infusions like green tea, where are a lethal weapon for tackling this external damage that also affects your body.


Why this drink? Because it helps purify your body. And it also helps eliminate liquids too.

Antioxidant intake

Strawberries, for example, are one of the multitude of foods that can helps you prevent orange peel skin through their antioxidant properties.


These small and delicious fruits, acidic and sweet at the same time, are great antioxidants.

And you can’t forget the banana either, which, despite containing a fair amount of calories, is one of the best foods for a healthy routine because of its beneficial properties, such as potassium, although you should consume it in moderation.

Introducing it at breakfast time can be an excellent idea to start a day of training, as doing a lot of exercise is another thing you’ll need to do to erase this little beauty “breakout”.

Recommended foods

We should also mention that the consumption of onion, perfect for not raising too much sugar in your body, and legumes, such as lentils, are perfect food allies that will offer you the aesthetic protection you deserve.

Finally, eat oily fish and white meats such as chicken or turkey. These foods are rich in protein, Omega 3 and much more.

Healthy food

Food can be your salvation, so choose well when you go to the supermarket.

Taking these details into account, give up junk food, alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. They’ll only make orange peel skin more likely.

Good Hydration

And don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

It’s indispensable for your beauty and health.

Drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day is always a good idea in the fight against cellulitis.

Remember that if you practice sport, and in summer, you’ll need even more water. In the following link you’ll find advice for training in heat.

Tips for Preventing Orange Peel Skin

Above we’ve left you a small list of food and drinks you could opt for. Now keep in mind that you also need to abandon that dangerous sedentary lifestyle.

Keep in mind that it’ll help improve your circulation, whose rhythm might become precarious as a result of clinging to that chair, sofa or bed.


Spilling drops of sweat is a small sacrifice if you want beach-ready legs and abdomen.

Go up and down the stairs, run, jump!

And why not?

Ideally, and what could be better for you, go to the gym and train with a personalised routine prepared for you by a specialist.

You just need to start moving and avoid spending all your time lying on the sofa or on the chair at your desk.

It’ll benefit your whole body’s blood circulation.

  • If you can, climb the stairs three times a week, at home, in the office…
  • If you don’t want to run, walk or jog for 30 minutes in a park or somewhere close to home.
  • If you have a bike, get on it and enjoy yourself.


Just don’t stay still!

And if you don’t want to leave the house, do sit-ups and crunches, there are plenty of good tutorials on the blog. You have a variety of options to choose from.

Natural exfoliants

You can also use wonderful natural exfoliants such as salt or coffee.

They are fantastic tools, although exercise will be even more useful for you.

Another idea to prevent orange peel is to apply moisturising creams and make circular movements over the affected parts.


Yes, a kind of massage that will eliminate this flaw from your body. If you’re as persistent as you’re sure to be with your diet and exercise routine, you will end up with good results.


On the other hand, if we told you before that you should drink a lot of water, we’re going to do it again to emphasise the point.

As you know you now need to get your body moving, it is essential that you drink enough water so you don’t become dehydrated and to eliminate accumulated toxins through your urine.

Another piece of advice? More green food and less sugar. This is one of the best suggestions from the experts. Stay away from anything that can hurt you and don’t look back.

Anti-cellulitis exercises

Movement through exercise routines is a great formula for getting rid of this fearsome deterioration in your abdomen and legs.

Practice the sports that you’d always wanted to try.


As long as you do this together with a good dose of water and healthy food, everything will be fine – you’ll get rid of that pesky orange skin.

If you don’t dare try pilates, turn your home into a small gym and move around with leg lifts, sit-ups and a variety of other exercises to get other parts of your body moving too, like your arms (don’t forget these to avoid any sagging!). Here are a few examples.
  • Do them 3 or 4 days a week and then rest.
  • Then do the exercises again and again until you start to remove all traces of cellulitis.


In conclusion, orange peel is the greatest threat to a large number of women.

So if you really want to live a healthy, cellulite-free life, now is the time to start.

If you want, find a coach or ask your doctor for more suggestions to make your life more vigorous.


The orange peel skin may not go as fast as you want, but it will disappear if you’re consistent.

Follow the experts and don’t give up until you succeed. You’ll see the changes sooner than you think, and in the the end you will be able to show off that figure like you wanted.


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