Summer Fitness Plan with HSN

Summer Fitness Plan with HSN

Summer’s a great time for keeping up our training routine. And we’ve got an HSN Fitness Plan for you!

August – a month of holidays for a lot of people.

Disconnecting, family, sun, beach, mountains… it’s easy for people to forget to pack their energy doses for exercise in the summer as well.

We know that September can be an uphill battle if you don’t keep up your routines throughout the summer.


We don’t put our feet up in August here at HSN, and we’re here to help you keep fit in a very simple and guided way.

At HSN, we aim to help you with your training and nutrition so you can lead a more active lifestyle, stay fit and feel better.

Exercise and Physical Activity are the Best Remedies

We understand that after the stress of the past few months, and the degree of uncertainty, disconnection becomes the necessary tool to recharge our energy.

However, we also know that exercise and physical activity are the best medicines to fight not only the states of stress, but to improve all aspects of our health.

And why not feel more agile, stronger, confident…

Although the volume and intensity of weekly holiday training may be lowered, maintaining a certain level of activity and physical exercise is necessary for a number of reasons:

  • To maintain adaptations at the level of strength, muscle mass and cardiorespiratory capacity of the previous months.
  • To maintain optimal weight and good body composition with daily doses of physical activity and training.
  • For enjoying nature, outdoor sports or activities that you don’t normally practice: water sports, hiking, climbing, cycling etc…
  • To avoid unwanted weight gain.

Push ups

Because there’s nothing better than feeling in shape and improving it.

HSN Summer Fitness Plan

We have prepared a General Training plan aimed at all those who want to keep fit, gain muscle mass, stay active…

As you know, we have an excellent training sessions video guide that you can follow and watch the exercises of each specific session to avoid any type of injury as a result of performing the exercises poorly.

How to distribute the Training Sessions?

If we’re on holiday, we have more time flexibility and more time to organise our sessions.

We recommend that you spend at least 45-60 minutes a day training, and if you can also do other activities such as walking, cycling, swimming…even better.


Not only to work on a cardiovascular level (I include purely aerobic intensities for their benefits).

Just think, an hour a day is only 4.1% of the total time you have in a week. Doesn’t that seem insignificant for all the benefits it brings?.

Distribution of Sessions per Week

  • 3 days of Strength Training / Hypertrophy Sessions.
  • 2 days of Cardiovascular Training Sessions at moderate / high intensities.
  • 1 day of active rest with complementary work such as: injury prevention, stretching, flexibility.
  • 1 day of Total Rest.
The ideal way for you to organise it easily is to do one session a day on non-consecutive days, so that you can alternate and distribute the different sessions and workloads.

How do we progress?

Remember that during this month of reduced intensity and volume is also necessary before starting your new training program with the new course.

That’s to say, set yourself the simplest objective: maintaining the habit of daily training.

We can progress in these weeks in two ways:

  1. Increasing the load (kg. or training intensity) of the exercises (it’s not recommended to increase more than 10% in each session).
  2. By increasing the volume of the session (add one or two more sets for example).
So, with the selection of training videos we have, we’ve designed a very simple plan that will keep you fit this summer, allowing you to start the new course stronger than ever.


Training session including different multi-joint exercises for both the lower and upper limbs.

It can be completed with a cardiovascular training session (40-50 minutes of gentle running for example) or a brisk walk for 30 minutes.


At the beginning of the week, when we still have energy, is the ideal time to do a cardiovascular training session in the high and intense zone.

They are usually shorter in duration, in which quality/intensity takes precedence over quantity.


A third strength training session (hypertrophy intended only for upper body work) as well as including a part for working the “core” or middle zone.

The most comfortable thing for the holidays, if you don’t have access to a gym, is to get a rubber resistance belt. It takes up little space, is cheap, and you can do a lot of exercises and workouts with it.


If you’re a runner, it’s the perfect day to put in a longer session at a moderate or even low intensity.

If you’re not a runner, you can take a long walk trying to keep a brisk pace, or any other long-lasting cardiovascular activity at low intensities.


We return to strength/hypertrophy training aimed exclusively at lower limb muscles: glutes + legs.

After the previous sessions, you’ll feel your body rested and ready to demand this type of training.


It’s likely that after the week you’ll have accumulated a certain amount of tiredness.

The heat and humidity of the coastal areas don’t help our recovery either. That’s why it’s also important to plan your nutrition and maintain good levels of hydration throughout the day.

On those days of greater activity, and taking into account the high temperatures, it’s advisable to add a good dose of electrolytes to your drink. Remember that with sweat we don’t just lose water, as we mentioned in Post Link.

On the sixth day we’re going to do a lighter training session to complement our FITNESS PLAN. Not only should you look to be strong, but also to move well and be healthy.

We can do a specific CORE training session accompanied by a good mobility session or stretching.

In this way, the proposed plan is complete, varied and will help you to maintain your physical condition throughout your holiday.

Remember: walking, cycling, swimming or other activities are more than welcome to complete the plan. Whenever you can, walk at least 30 minutes a day… your body will appreciate it.

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