Exercises for working out on the beach this holiday

Exercises for working out on the beach this holiday

The sand and the beach usually evoke thoughts of relaxation, games with children and sun. Few places in the world seem so ideal for rest and having fun with the little ones during the summer. However, the beach can also be the perfect place for working out. Here are some exercises for the beach.

What are the benefits of working out on the beach?

The beach provides natural resistance, which adds difficulty to the exercise routine, as well as considerably reducing the impact on joints.

Beach Workouts

The beach is also the ideal place to enjoy, rest and disconnect.

The water, on the other hand, offers a wide range of possibilities for full-body workouts, in addition to being nice and cold, contributing to reaffirming the muscles.

Want to know more about how to train on holiday? You can take ideas from here to implement into your routine during your days off at the beach 😊

Warm-up exercises in the sea

Walking in the water is one of the simplest exercises you can perform and is perfect for doing a short warm-up

How should you do it? Take note!

  • Step into the water up to knee height without lifting your legs to exercise your entire lower body.
  • Increase your speed gradually, forcing you to use more and more force to overcome the resistance of the water.
  • When the water is waist-deep, try drawing imaginary circles in the water, first with one leg and then with the other.
  • If you also want to exercise your upper body and pectorals, dive down to shoulder height.
  • With your arms extended underwater, swing them back and forth without stopping for about 30 seconds.

Rest for two minutes and perform two more sets.

Workout hydration

HSN supports you in hydration and nutrition for your workouts.

Think this is too little? We have more options for you in the water.

Swimming in the sea is another option available to everyone.

It’s one of the most complete sports, as in addition to putting all our muscles in motion, it improves circulation and flexibility of the spine and helps burn calories, even more so than in pools due to the waves and currents.

Another option in the water is to take advantage of some floats: balls or mats, and move with a simple kick keeping your arms and chest out of the water. This way, you’ll get some intensive leg work with low impact on your joints.

Training while having fun

Fun on the beach! This is always the case when exercising.

5 exercises for workouts on the sand

In addition to the traditional walks along the beach shore, where the coming and going of the waves has hardened the sand, which allows you to work your quads; and on top of running or team sports such as beach football, volleyball or the traditional racket sports; we want to suggest 5 perfect exercises to practice on the beach.

Get ready! Here you have the perfect static exercises to practice in front of the sea, using only your own body weight.

Beach squats for summer

Take advantage of the hours when there’s less heat and fewer people on the beach.


With our arms crossed over our chest, we bend our legs and descend in a squat. An exercise as simple as it is effective at toning the buttocks and legs.

Do between 12 and 15 repetitions per set.


Execution of five individual exercises, which together will allow you to do a complete exercise: squat, squat thrust, plank, push-up and vertical jumping.

Put it into practice on a sandy beach! Perform up to 10 repetitions per set.


Plank exercise for the beach

What greater tranquility than working out on a sandy beach?

Form a straight line with your body, from your shoulders to your ankles, with the tips of your toes and the palms of your feet resting on the sand.

Try to hold for around 50-60 seconds!


You can choose to do lower and lumbar abdominals. Lying on our backs with our arms outstretched next to the body, we move our legs straight up and down.

Tone your lower abs!


Abdominal paired exercises

If you can train with a friend or partner, it’s even more fun.

Try some traditions press-ups, but this time in front of the sea 😊.

In addition to all these exercises, here are some others to work legs and buttocks:

  • Lunges.
  • Calf raises.

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