Training on Holiday: Everything You Need to Stay in Shape

Training on Holiday: Everything You Need to Stay in Shape

Training on Holiday? Then you’re sure to be interested in the following tips!

Training on holiday, yes or no?

Despite being on holiday for a few days, the days get a little longer and my body asks me for action, sbecause the rhythm I have is the same one that makes me start the day in the best way, by training!

My advice: do not give up, you can have a good time, and likewise be faithful to your training schedule. Everything has a place.

Some of you will say, “… why don’t you cut out…”, and I say, “… and why not keep it up….”, because for me training is not at all a burden, quite the opposite:

  • It’s a form of motivation;
  • Of inhibition of external problems;
  • We stay in shape;
  • We get the metabolism going;
  • It lets us indulge in culinary whims…

Training on holiday, yes or no?

And it’s also my way of enjoying myself.


If you have traveled to a city in which you foresee upcoming visits to museums, parks, or other scenarios, it is massively important that you write down the hours in which the facilities are accessible. Doing it the day before will give us time to find out what time we have left to make the most of the training.

If you just get up, and the exhibition starts very soon, we won’t be able to do it, we’ll have to pick another time.

If there’s a park nearby the place you’re staying, you should find out about the opening hours…

If you need material, what should you bring?

Of course, training material that is transportable…

As taking the bench and weights would be complicated, and you might be charged for excess luggage, the most feasible thing is to take specific transportable materials that will help you set up the ideal training session.

If you don’t have them, I 100% recommend 100% you get hold of them. This way, we can improvise a workout anytime, anyplace!


Suspension training or TRX is extremely on-trend, in virtually every gym you can find them and enjoy training with them.

If you don’t want to get too involved in finding out about it, all I’ll tell you is that the TRX is a tremendously easy bit of equipment to transport, and with it we can practice:

  • Pushes (chest dips…);
  • Pulls (pull-ups, rows…);
  • Abdominal crunches;
  • Isometric exercises;

As you can see, practically all the muscles of the upper body are used, it’s perfect!

TRX training on holiday

We can train anywhere, whether in the hotel gym, or in a park…

It is a piece of kit similar to rings, perhaps simpler in form, and likely much more practicable for most people.

Elastic Bands

These can be used as a complement to a training session, either as a warm-up or for strengthening a limb, such as the shoulders. Even so, there are models that offer great endurance, and therefore involve exercising at a greater intensity.

While it may seem to good to be true, you can work absolutely all your muscles with elastic bands.

Elastic bands training

It’s a great method that helps us maintain shape wherever you go!

It is a fairly inexpensive and effective product, which everyone can benefit from using, with the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation perhaps the best suited, and it certainly helps anyone seeking an optimal state of fitness..

Skipping ropes for fast cardio

Everyone knows what it is, and everyone knows how to use it.

Just make sure you have a mop handy if you’re training at home, as the pool of sweat can be immense… although that will depend on your sweat creation capacity…

Which is why I consider it quite a user-friendly exercise, especially if you accompany it with lively music, which helps you to go to the beat.

Skipping Rope

The benefits of a skipping rope when it comes to burning calories is particularly notable.

As you strengthen the technique, you can incorporate innovations, such as jumping alternating feet, trying to do doubles…

Where to train on holiday?

Another important thing to consider, where are we going to train? If we have a gym at hand it’s obvious, but if we go somewhere else, or the gym is closed…

We’ll always be able to train in the room we’re staying in…, although the most appropriate place would be an outdoor environment.

The idea that convinces me the most is going to a park, mountain or even first thing on the beach…

Where to train on holiday

Although it’s not the most common thing to do, if you have dumbbells, how about bringing them to the beach? Obviously, if the place you’re staying is next to the beach 😉

If you’re going on holiday to a coastal area, you can try Paddle Surf, as we recommend in this Post.

What exercises to do on holiday?

It’s a good time to try “training on a fast”…

If you were ever curious about how your body would respond to training while fasting, go ahead, I encourage you to try it!

I myself usually train in this way, and although it seems contradictory, there is not the slightest loss of muscle mass or performance loss, as if you have the right diet, and go through a small adaptation process, you’ll get over your fears…

Do Calisthenics

Without a doubt, working with your own body weight whether on holiday or throughout the year has its advantages: mastering your body and moving it on all planes is a fantastic feeling.

Developing this skill requires many hours of training, but you can always start with the basics and move forward from there. You might not have thought about it until now, but it can be the beginning of a “great friendship” between you and the bars.

And what better way to start it than during the holidays!

Pull-ups in the park

Take a walk, and if you find a park that has a bar, get yourself doing some pull-up sets!

There is an extensive amount of routines you can implement, as well as progressions you can do to improve and turn yourself into a true gymnast.

Front Lever

Above all with “Front Lever” pull-ups.

If you want to delve deeper into calisthenics, I recommend visiting this article.

Walk, Run or Sprint

The easiest thing to do is to get up early and choose to take a walk, run a little more intensely, or go for a few sprints. And we can pull it all together and create a routine that won’t take you more than 45min:

  1. Walk for 5mins.
  2. Pick up the pace and run for 10mins.
  3. Walk for 3mins.
  4. Sprints! Perform 6 sets of 100m sprints, recovering by walking back to the start.
  5. Run 5mins.
  6. Walk 1min.
  7. Sprints! Perform 9 sets of 50m sprints, recovering with a jog to the start.
  8. Run 5mins.
  9. Walk 1 min.
  10. Sprints! Do 6 sets of 25m sprinting; when you reach the end, crouch down, touch the ground with your hand, and sprint back to the start.
  11. Walk for 5mins.
  12. Finish

Do some Tabata

A very fun way to exercise, as you’ll get to 100 an hour, and it will take you very little time – enough to get up, warm up a bit and “throw yourself” into this training – fulfilling your daily goals.

But, What is the Tabata method? Various exercises are worked as follows:

  • 8 rounds.
  • 20″ of active work all guns blazing, and 10″ of recovery.

So, you do a full tabata, rest for 1 minute, and then do another….

Tabata squats

You can include exercises with your own body weight (squats, push-ups, jumps…) or using an external element (skipping rope, kettlebell…).

I propose the following Tabata routine:

  1. Air square.
  2. Press-ups.
  3. V Ups, alternating.
  4. Plank.
  5. Air squats.
  6. Press-ups.
  7. V Ups, alternating.
  8. Plank.
With just one element as simple as a clock, timer, or otherwise, our beloved smartphone with its corresponding free application…

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