Tips for staying in shape on Holiday

Tips for staying in shape on Holiday

We’re already in the heart of summer – so what do I do with my daily training routine? It’s one of the questions that all sports fans ask ourselves when the holidays arrive, as the goal is always to for staying in shape on Holiday.

On the one hand, there is the joy of disconnecting from the routine linked to work and obligations. Yet, on the other, you’ll miss your sports routine (and also the routine of eating well).

With this article, I want to show you how, despite being on holiday, you don’t have to leave your sports or food routines aside. Get ready!

Holiday break without losing shape

Think carefully about how you spend your holidays. Don’t throw away the year’s work.

Keep training to staying in shape on Holiday

The scope of training is much easier to keep under control during the holidays.

Practicing sports or working out doesn’t need to take any more than an hour a day.

In addition, you can take the opportunity to to perform other activities, less common in winter, or that will be impossible for you to do in your usual place of residence, for example in water.

Like everything in life, the key is in the balance, and with a few tips you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest, without having to spoil all the work you have done to achieve your goals.

Sport alternatives in summer

Try new sports, in the sea for example.

Disconnecting is also important

Holidays aren’t just about disconnecting from work or the routine of work and home.

If you’ve spent all year following a training plan and haven’t failed anything at all, you have nothing to worry about.

Your body also needs a rest, and it can be great to break the routine.

But beware!

Resting doesn’t mean doing nothing at all. You can commit to doing small workouts, which don’t take up much time, but which keep you active.

Active rest on vacation

Not stopping completely, that’s the key ion holiday.

You can choose from many options, with it being a particularly good time to take advantage of the fact that you’re in a different environment from usual that you can use to enjoy training to the fullest.

Go out for a jog in the morning before going to breakfast or train for a while in the gym of the hotel where you’re enjoying a few days of disconnection.

It’s time to recover, de-stress the body and enjoy your time. But the latter can also be achieved with a light run in a new location.

What sports to do to maintain shape?

If you’re going to have little time, you won’t be able to access the nearby gym, or simply want to take advantage of the time between waking up and going out to do activities in your holiday spot, the following equipment is easy to carry with you to your holiday spot.

Another way to train on holiday

TRX, elastic bands or a simple skipping rope will serve you well for cardio.

Don’t forget that you take a gym with you wherever you go. You know that if you want to train you don’t really need anything, just your own body and desire.

Outdoor sports are also a good option. Take the opportunity to discover where you are with a walk, either in urban or mountain areas, a swim in the sea or in the pool, or do some team sports.

Practice outdoor sports in summer

Football on the beach, a great option for having fun and playing sports in the summer.

Do all those things you fancy doing outdoors. Take the opportunity to do everything you can’t normally do during the year. Being able to keep in touch with nature, for example, is a great benefit of summer.

Holiday diet tips

The most contentious point of the holiday…

Can you enjoy the beach or the pool, the beach bar, the ice cream, the mojito …? Living a fitness lifestyle means knowing how to have a healthy and balanced diet.

Because you can enjoy everything without going over the top

Breakfast on holiday recommendations

A balanced diet during the holidays.

Do you like to have something sweet for breakfast? Well, you know that if you do you’ll have a greater tendency to continue craving sweeter foods for the rest of your meals.

Try above all to make sure your breakfast is healthy , as close as possible to what you normally do at home, within your daily routine for staying in shape on vacation.

Below, I’ll leave you a series of tips to try and manage that balanced diet during the holidays…

Try to eat well all day

You can try new things, especially if you’re in new places or vacation spots, but you don’t have to eat them every day.

Take care of your diet in the summer

Don’t give up good habits on holiday.

You can mentally set cheat meals that you want to have, and try to eat well the rest of the time. To enjoy meals we don’t have to overindulge in them.

Beware of buffets!

Use common sense and fill the dishes as you would at home. In addition, don’t forget to consider your energy expenditure, which may be lower on vacation than your day to day.

Remember that just because you’re on vacation doesn’t mean anything goes. It can be difficult but you don’t want to abuse cheat meals every day if you want to get out of the holidays unscathed.

Be careful with drinks, they count too

Take extra care with fizzy drinks, unnatural smoothies and alcoholic drinks.

What to drink in summer to stay in shape

You can enjoy all this, but don’t forget that what you drink can also be cheating.

Although I’ve maybe left you with a lot of concerns here, which others may see as appropriate advice, I want to make it clear that above all you should enjoy your days off, just make sure to think about what you’re doing if you’re wanting to stay in shape on holiday.

It’s just about using common sense and knowing how to rationalise. Your mind and body deserve rest. What it doesn’t deserve is abuse and mistreatment.

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Keep training - 100%

Disconnect - 100%

Train differently - 100%

Outdoor sports - 100%


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