Thickeners are substances can see increase the viscosity of a product when it is added to a mixture, without substantially modifying other properties, such as taste. They are not only used in food, but also have a purpose in facial cosmetics, in order to provide protection and hygiene. They add texture, increase the stability and facilitate the formation of suspensions. They are also known as food additives that can be perfectly included in many recipes.

Thickeners are products that are added to liquid foods to increase their viscosity and they are usually made of Carbohydrates, for example hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (E464). Carbohydrate-based thickeners thicken fluids while they are cook, when the starch granules that make up the carbohydrates absorb water and increase their size. This process involves the use of starch granules to trap water molecules that thicken the liquid. Thickeners can be added to a wide variety of Foods, including sauces and pastas.

Where can I buy Thickeners?

At HSNstore we offer you the chance to check and buy a thickener such as HSNraw Xanthan Gum Powder, which can be added to sauces, creams or desserts in order to give consistency to food products and it will be immediately dispatched after you complete your purchase. It can also be used to add density to fruit juices.

Some of the benefits of these food additives are their supply Fiber, which helps with the digestive transit and which can reduce the appetite. It can also be purchased in Parapharmacy.

What foods can be used with Thickeners?

  • Drinks, since it improves the aspect of the fruit pieces or pulp by increasing their density.
  • Dairy products, thickeners are widely used to make ice creams so that they have a good texture and a low amount of calories.
  • Sauces, thickeners add more stability and give a thicker and creamier touch.
  • Bread and pastries, used to increase the water retention during baking to prolong the life of finished bakery products.
  • Syrups and condiments, the product gets a dense and appetizing appearance thanks to its increased viscosity.

Other Uses of Thickeners

Natural Thickeners are not only used for food, but they are also used for homemade facial cosmetics, since it is an element for the protection and hygiene of the skin. They are a series of natural additives that do not generally have a greasy quality, but quite the opposite. They have a high degree of solubility and are easy to combine with water and aqueous substances. In short, they can transform a liquid product into a product with a gelatinous texture.

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    Guar gum powder. Healthy natural thickener for your recipes.
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    Agar powder. The perfect vegetarian substitute for gelatin. Available in different sizes.
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