Teas and Infusions

Who does not enjoy the flavor of a delicious white tea, rooibos, green tea... Teas and infusions are very popular drinks and we have a great variety of them to satisfy the taste and needs of our customers.

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Difference between tea and infusion

It is quite simple actually. Tea is made from the Camellia Sinensis plant which contains theine.

On the other hand, infusions are made from other plants and they do not provide any stimulant like theine does.

Moreover, you need to use boiling water in order to make tea, while this is not necessary to make infusions, since you can use hot but not boiling water.

Both teas and infusions are traditional drinks which are often used due to their properties, and both have an incredible flavor. They also produce a feeling of satiety as well.

Properties of tea

Tea is an infusion with the leaves and sprouts of the Camellia sinensis plant, and it has a fresh flavour. There is a wide variety of teas: red tea, black tea, green tea, white tea… it can also be combined, for example black tea with cinnamon or red tea with fruit.

The properties of tea are present in all its varieties, since they all come from the same plant. Teas provide:

  • Polyphenols: substances that act as antioxidants in our body.
  • Flavonoids: they delay the aging process.
  • Tanins: they have healing and anti-diarrhea properties.

It is advisable to drink tea after eating, since it has stimulating substances like theine and caffeine that help to accelerate the metabolism.

Moreover, tea is also being used in the kitchen as a condiment or spice. For example, black tea is used for meats or stews, green tea for fish or salads, and white tea for desserts or fruit.

Characteristics of the infusions

An infusion is a drink that is obtained by soaking the leaves, flowers, roots, or fruits of a plant. Infusions do not usually contain any stimulant substance.

Infusions have endless functions depending on the plant that has been used, they can help with:

  • Digestion
  • Relaxation
  • Urinary problems
  • Vitality
  • Rest properly

Teas and Infusions at any time

Teas and infusions can be enjoyed at any time of day, in good company or alone. You can drink them for breakfast, after lunch, and even before going to sleep.

It is an excellent way of enjoying delicious flavors and unique sensations. An ancestral drink that we can enjoy on a daily basis.

Drink green tea, rooibos, white tea... there are plenty to choose from. Try them all!


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