Tips to Returning to Training

Tips to Returning to Training

Take note of these simple tips to returning to training routine and getting back into the habit of exercise and working out.

Getting back into your routines after being on holiday

Even if we’ve exercised or maintained a certain level of activity during the summer, we always change from our usual routine and end up incorporating others that we don’t normally do.

But once this period is over, it’s time to focus again on reintegrating exercise into the weekly agenda.

How do we do that?

Ideally, and to make it easier, it’s best to go to a gym and/or have a personal trainer assess your current state of fitness, adjusting an appropriate and individualised training programme to your condition.

Getting back into routines after the holidays

It’s the easiest way to resume activity properly.

Recommendations for returning to training

The first thing to keep in mind is that you need a general adaptation period of approximately 3-4 weeks to regain optimal cardio-respiratory and general strength levels.

Set a minimum of weekly sessions that you can safely follow, for example 3 or 4 days a week.

Remember that in the first few weeks back training, the main objective is to get back into shape by avoiding fatigue, stress and excess muscle damage.

Progressively training

Start with lower intensities/volumes and gradually increase in the following weeks.

After a week you can increase the intensity and the next the frequency of weekly sessions, for example.

Keep in mind that changes require a minimum adaptation time and setting a goal to train every day can be difficult after a period of reduced activity, and can lead to frustration if you don’t do it every day.

Less is more.

How do you return to your best sporting level?

If your workouts during the holidays decreased in frequency or stopped, it’s normal that your fitness levels will much lower than before the holidays.

Set a simple and realistic first short-term goal (4-6 weeks): regain your fitness level and establish the habit of weekly training.

This way, you’ll gradually adapt to training again without becoming fatigued, and it will make the return to training more bearable.

Following these simple steps to start your return to training, you’ll see that you’ll recover your levels properly and without stressing out along the way:

Adapt your sessions

Going too fast can bring negative consequences and muscle overloads.

Do at least 2 strength training sessions per week.

Training session

The best way to resume training routines is to perform Full Body sessions that allow you to do a more global and complete job before moving on to more specific and demanding workouts.

You can complete your weekly training plan with a session of HIIT-type high-intensity cardiovascular training in addition to a smoother mobility workout to restore the functionality of your structures.

Adapt the exercises and start with the simplest options so that you can focus on technique before increasing intensities and loads.

Pay attention to what you eat and how you sleep

Nutrition will play an important role in improving your muscle mass and maintaining energy levels during this period of getting back into your workout routine.

Try including protein in every meal you eat.

If we want to get back to fitness faster and better, don’t forget to rest between sessions: the first month you can train on alternate days, resting in between.

Healthy nutrition and rest habits

Our mission is to regain sleep schedules, avoiding staying up all night.

You can complete your diet with multivitamin complexes in these first weeks.

Don’t forget to warm up for your sessions

Warm-ups should be part of every training session.

Spend a minimum amount of time (10-15% of the total time of your session) preparing your joints, setting your goals for the session, and bringing you body and mind together so you can give your all.

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