Assault Air Bike: The Ultimate Cardio Machine

Assault Air Bike: The Ultimate Cardio Machine

We tell you everything about a machine that is revolutionising the way you do cardio, especially High Intensity: Assault Air Bike.

What is the Assault Air Bike

This bike – although it is similar in shape to the ellipticals that you can get in any Gym – is totally different from the other bikes, because it is made to achieve an increase in intensity in a very short time.

WOD assault

It’s a CrossFit bike that’s ideal for high-intensity interval training.

This machine, which some call «the bike from hell», is the ideal option to introduce into a crossfit exercise circuit or simply to tackle short but intense series.

Using the Assault Bike really means taking training to another level, so it’s one of the most popular machines today.

It’s the bike most recommended by coaches and athletes as it adapts to high- or medium-intensity exercises, depending on the time you have to achieve specific goals.

They are basically static bikes for intense conditioning, especially if it’s metabolic conditioning, but it has so many benefits that make it stand out as the top machine of its type.

We give you some High Intensity Routines to give it everything in training!

Characteristics of the Assault Air Bike

The main characteristic of this bike is the huge wheel on the front that resembles a round industrial structure, from which comes the great strength of the machine.

It can be said that its huge wheel is the heart of Bike, because from this point the whole intensity of exercise develops.

The manufacturing company is not new to these spheres, it has years developing fitness tools for gyms and high competition.

Their goal has been to create the best elliptical and static bike on the market because for years they heard the demands of athletes and coaches wanting to achieve more and better capabilities through this tool.

That’s why the Assault Air Bike sums up and captures all the expectations of these professionals, and what makes it so popular and essential for CrossFit or any other training circuit.


Starting with the seat: it’s made from a waterproof material so that it’s sweat-proof and you won’t slip during your workout. This feature allows its pores to trap and filter sweat droplets, allowing for a comfortable and safe exercise.

Assault training

The bike is made of high quality and durable materials.

Its chassis is made of steel, making it a fairly robust and solid structure. It’s coated with powder paint, a very easy to clean and anti-corrosive material.

This machine has a console that can be programmed with other devices in order to measure the heart rate during exercise and the distances travelled can be set through a very simple process.

Benefits of the Assault Air Bike

It is an air bike with handles that resemble the paddles of a canoe, with them – in addition to the pedals – there is a coordinated rowing movement.

This way the arms and legs move at the same time, which increases the strength of the exercise.

Improvement of the metabolic condition

The structure receives its resistance from the wind turbine, which the pedal starts, and causes more resistance.

This is the true essence of this machine, high intensity training that improves aerobic capacity.

It should also be noted that the Air Bike brings other benefits to other parts of the body: it also increases blood flow and therefore is favourable for the cardiovascular environment.

Sports rehabilitation

It is also used for sports rehabilitation, with one of its advantages being that it’s an exercise that does not produce impact on the joints.


Because of this, health professionals recommend using them to rehabilitate athletes’: physical condition, resistance, etc.

Muscle Resistance

It causes the increase of muscle and cardiovascular resistance, when the routine is done frequently.

It is important to note that the machine allows the upper and lower body to be run by means of an isokinetic resistance mechanism, i.e. the energy it operates on is that of the body itself.

CrossFit and Assault Air Bike

The Assault Bike is the true air-resistant CrossFit bike.

It is one of the most demanding exercises for high-intensity cardio.

During training, the pedals are activated and at the same time the grips are activated, which allows all parts of the body to be worked.

High Intensity Interval Training

Some wods that can be run with this bike are through HIIT, executed by short periods of high intensity exercise.

Then short moments of active and incomplete rest, but we must continue to pedal and move the oars, just at a reduced speed.

Another wod, as an example: TABATA for 4 minutes: perform 8 sets of 20 seconds working, interspersed with 10 seconds of rest.

Alternatively, you can perform wods using watts generated, revolutions per minute, distance traveled etc.

Alternative: the Erg Bike

It’s an ergo-metric tool that has the same fan and performance monitor as other models in the house, but more advanced.

Bike erg

Like its twin, the Assault Bike, the fan uses resistance.

However, the difference is the clutch, which when activated stops the bike immediately.

It also improves on other aspects, especially the PMS monitor that presents more accurate data about time, distances, calories and more.

PMS monitor

You can store this data on a pen-drive. You can also run competitions with another machine of the same model.

Training to be fit and healthy

Being fit has been and is the priority of competition athletes.

However, today they are more adept at improving their quality of life through exercise and healthy eating habits.

Those who practice this lifestyle are the target market of the large manufacturers of training machines increasingly effective in achieving short-term goals, such as the Assault Bike bike.

If you haven’t tried it, we recommend that you do!


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