How to improve the Muscle Recovery in Cycling?

How to improve the Muscle Recovery in Cycling?

In endurance sports, the recovery is extremely importance so that the body will absorb the amount of work it has undergone. That is why it will crucial to provide the necessary nutrients during this period. Did you know what your muscles need to recover and assimilate all that work? Then, keep reading to find out what are the best products for a cycling recovery.

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What is the recovery?

It is a period between one workout session and another. Like we said before, it is important because it is when the body assimilates all the work we have done.

However, the most important aspect of this process lies in our nutrition. That is, the nutrients (fuel) that we provide to our organism will help us assimilate the work and regenerate the damaged muscle fibers.

Why is the recovery so important for athletes? Because it is the time when the work we have done in each workout session takes us one step forward in terms of our performance.

Therefore, the objective in endurance sports like cycling will be to shorten this recovery process as much as possible. Particularly because the workouts tend to be quite long in general.

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Our purpose with this article is to help you know what are the nutrients your body needs. That way, you will recover better after endurance sports like cycling.

We want you to make the most of your cycling workouts and competitions!

What are the nutrient requirements during this period?

We are talking about workout, recovery and workout. Ok, that is clear, but you need to make sure that you have an effective recovery/rest. Otherwise, you will run the risk of experiencing what is known as overtraining if you do not complete your recoveries (in terms of nutrition too).

Do you what overtraining is and how to avoid it? Then, do not miss out this article by Javier Colomer. Click on this link.

But now let’s go back to what our body needs after an endurance training. Do you know what sports are we talking about? Cycling is one of them, since it is a sport that lasts more than 90 minutes of constant physical exercise.

When it comes to the basic requirements after a workout of this kind, it will be particularly useful to take:

  • Protein to support the muscle recovery.
  • Carbohydrates to recharge the glycogen (energy).
  • Amino acids to support the protein synthesis and recovery.
  • Vitamins and Minerals to meet their requirements.

How can we do this? It is possible! But you need to obtain them from different foods, which is why it can be hard sometimes. Particularly if you have just finished a workout that has lasted around 4-5 hours, which is quite common in cycling.

Some of these nutrients are available in bread, fruit, biscuits, energy bars, rice, potatoes, milk, cheese, ham, yogurt… But, would you be able to eat all that in one sitting in such a short time?

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The metabolic window

It is the period when our organism is ready to absorb nutrients most efficiently after the workout.

According to several studies about post-workout muscle recovery, the metabolic window lasts 45 minutes or one hour after the workout or competition.

Taking macronutrients during this period will shorten the recovery as much as possible. In addition, it will regenerate the damaged muscle fibers and improve the assimilation of the physical stimulus.

Actually, we have already mentioned said nutrients: protein, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

But do you really know where you can get all these nutrients quickly and effectively? Then, keep reading to find out!

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What are the Recovery Products for Cycling?

These are products that have become very popular in a short period of time, specially in long term sports such as cycling. But, do you exactly know what they are, what they contain and how they improve your recovery? Let’s have a look.

Recovery products are sports nutrition supplements designed to shorten the muscle recovery in sports like cycling. They will provide the basic necessary nutrients and you have to take them during the metabolic window. Consequently, you will regenerate your muscle fibers, improving your performance.

In general, their composition is a combination of:

Carbohydrates + Whey Protein + Vitamins + Minerals + Essential Amino Acids

All your body needs to obtain an optimal recovery so that you will be ready for another demanding workout the next day!


What are Recovery products made of?

We have already seen the nutrients that most of them have, although it will depend on their individual formula.

Usually, they have to contain a lower amount of protein than carbohydrates (approximately a third). Moreover, they need to provide nutrients like essential amino acids, glutamine, minerals and vitamins. The objective is to get the best and fastest muscle recovery.

Evorecovery by SportSeries

Evorecovery Infographic

Following the previous premises, the R+D+i department by HSN has come up with its own recovery product. In fact, it has been designed to provide the best recovery after a long and demanding physical workout.

It is the best product for the recovery after Cycling!

Developed and produced by HSN, Evorecovery has an ideal post-workout formula for high intensity sports that last more than 90 minutes: cycling, running, triathlon… but let’s not forget strength sports, which need also need energy and an optimal recovery.

Evorecovery by SportSeries is meant to buffer the muscle damage after cycling workouts or competitions. Moreover, it will shorten the post-workout recovery.


What are the nutrients from Evorecovery?

Like in all our products, we have used the best raw ingredients to develop and produce our sports supplements.

In the case of Evorecovery, the raw ingredients are Cluster Dextrin™ (fast absorption carbohydrate), Palatinose™ (low glycemic index) and Lacprodan® Hydro.90 INS (hydrolyzed whey protein).

Moreover, its formula is made up of a combination of four carbohydrate sources. In addition, we have improved the aminogram by adding essential amino acids from plant sources.

It also provides minerals like calcium, potassium, chloride and magnesium, so that we will get all the nutrients we need. These nutrients will also keep us hydrated.

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How to take Evorecovery?

It is the best post-workout supplement for a long-term and intense sport such as cycling.

You just have to take it during the metabolic window to get all the necessary ingredients for an optimal recovery.

To do so, just mix one scoop of 50g of Evorecovery in a shaker with 300ml of water.

Drink it and rest until the next day!


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