Borage Oil – Ally for skin health

Borage Oil – Ally for skin health

The borage is the plant with the highest gamma linolenic acid (GLA) content. This ingredient (also present in primrose oil) is a natural source of prostaglandins. It is essential when it comes to preserving the vitality, health and beauty of the skin.

Apart from its extraordinary properties and benefits for our skin and hair, borage oil is also advised for the following problems: premenstrual syndrome, menopause, eczema, psoriasis and to treat dry skin and itchiness.

What is borage oil?

Borage oil comes from the borage plant seed (Borago officinalis), which belongs to the Boraginaceae family. It is a medicinal and aromatic plant that can grow up to sixty centimeters high. This plant is native to Mediterranean regions.

Properties of borage oil


Currently, it is also being cultivated as a decorative plant from May to September in many European and North American countries. At the beginning, its flowers are pink and they become bright blue when they mature.

Borage oil contains high quality ingredients, specially gamma linolenic acid (GLA), in a twenty per cent. GLA is one of the vital essential fatty acids, which cannot be synthesized by the body.

High quality borage oil results from a cold pressing process of the borage seeds. The borage oil dietary supplement has the highest essential acids content from plants.

Moreover, its chemical composition has a great omega 6 content, which is essential for the body.

Properties of borage oil

Gamma linolenic acid (GLA) from borage oil is a precursor form of several substances, similar to hormones, called prostaglandins. Said elements are produced “in situ”, working where they are necessary and breaking down afterwards.

Currently, there are up to thirty different known types of prostaglandins which are involved in several body functions. For example, some of their properties are: regulating the cardiovascular system, nervous system, blood coagulation and immune system; lowering the cholesterol, improving the skin and joints, relieving the menstrual syndrome, the renal function and the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Moreover, it is one of the best natural remedies to keep the skin healthy and to improve its protective function against external threats.

Benefits of borage oil

  • Relieving skin dryness and itchiness
  • Combating against acne, eczema or dermatitis
  • Healing skin burns
  • Treating the symptoms of the menopause and premenstrual syndrome (like evening primrose oil)
  • Reducing the inflammation, for instance, in the joints
  • Decreasing the rheumatism
  • Dealing with blood flow problems

Borage oil flower


What foods contain more omega 6?

Polyunsaturated acids cannot be produced by the body, which is why they have to be taken through food.

The ingredient gamma linolenic acid is very rare, but it is present in borage oil.

Moreover, it can be found in low amounts in products of animal origin like fish, meat and eggs. On the other hand, it is present in vegetable products like barley, oats, walnuts and some seeds.

What are the symptoms of a gamma linolenic acid deficiency?

When the body does not get enough unsaturated fatty acids, some of the effects are: premature aging and the dryness and deterioration of the skin.

Intake and use of borage oil

If you are planning to purchase borage oil dietary supplements, you should follow the recommended dose. But before doing that, consult your if you are taking some medicine or if you are pregnant or lactating.

Also, you can purchase the best borage oil supplements in the HSN online catalog

Properties of gamma linolenic acid

The omega 6 fatty acids from borage oil are specially good for the following cases:

  • Skin diseases, including eczema
  • Allergy
  • Growth periods
  • Infections or inflammatory reactions
  • Menopause

Borage oil for the skin


What do experts think about borage oil?

  • Borage oil can help to treat eczema

Taking borage oil supplements is quite beneficial for people who have eczema. Consequently, increasing the gamma linolenic acid content reduces the itchiness and regulates the skin moisture. Therefore, it will also prevent the onset of new eczema.

  • It can relieve arthritis

Several studies have concluded that borage oil dietary supplement can relieve the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis.

  • It can keep the skin healthy

When the skin does not have enough gamma linolenic acid it becomes drier since it is not able to stay moisturized. This can result in a sensitive and irritated skin, wrinkles and itchiness. Taking borage oil dietary oils can improve the elasticity and flexibility of the skin. Moreover, borage oil stimulates the formation of new cells.

  • Side effects and interactions of borage oil

Borage oil is a natural remedy with many benefits and properties for the body. You can purchase this safe dietary supplement since it does not trigger side effects nor contraindications.

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