What are the symptoms of an accelerated metabolism?

What are the symptoms of an accelerated metabolism?

Accelerating metabolism naturally is one of the fundamental ways you can help yourself lose weight. A fast metabolism will allow you to lose weight faster, and more effectively, since it enables the body to burn more calories every minute of the day. But how do I know if my metabolism has accelerated?

What is Metabolism?

It refers to a chemical process that takes place in our body continuously throughout life

It consists of obtaining calories for the energy that our body demands to fulfill each of its functions, and of the systems and organs involved, such as breathing, cellular regeneration, the pumping of blood and the digestive system…

The energy necessary to carry out these processes is obtained from the food you eat and is measured in calories. The metabolism is activated after digestion and is based on the reabsorption and transformation of food substances.

All of these functions occur at a set speed.

Be active

If this is carried out quickly and dynamically, we talk about the person having a fast metabolism, and the contrary if they occur slowly</ p >

The minimum amount of energy required by the body to carry out essential processes is called Basal Metabolism Rate(BMR)

What does having a fast metabolism depend on?

Height, weight, age, gender, genetics… all these factors will determine BMR

The cells that make up muscle tissues will require much more energy than fat cells, so a person with a greater amount of muscle mass will have a higher BMR. As we get older, we tend to accumulate more fat, and protein synthesis is reduced.

This could explain why Basal Metabolism decreases with age, which is why even more importance should be given to food during this stage

In general, men tend towards a rapid metabolism, mainly due to the hormonal role that implies a greater amount of muscle mass, stronger bones, and less fat accumulation, than women. Therefore, the caloric requirements of a man are higher.

Of course, the Role of hormones for women works against them.

Each person’s metabolism will be characteristic and individual to them, and for that reason, they will find that they tend gain or lose weight more or less easily.

Accelerated metabolism

Overweight people need to have an accelerated metabolism, while very slim people will want the opposite

We see that the main difference between one body type and another is the way in which the body manages calories, that is, having a fast or slow metabolism

The Accelerated Metabolism Diet

There are a wide range of diets that claim to increase metabolism, in order to lose weight.

Despite such claims, the truth is that they are by no means conclusive. In some of them, the mere caloric restriction imposed with the assumption that weight loss is therefore a “given” is a mistake. In this case, what can happen is just the opposite: from the first moments of starting the diet, our metabolism slows down.

In such cases, the best option is to choose to start a weight loss protocol. As part of this program, measures taken are justified and gradually achieve the goal of losing weight (fat). One of the most important factors, conducted under subjective supervision based on the characteristics of the person, is to include a caloric supercompensation.

At the more extreme end of the spectrum we find the so-called Cheat Meal or Cheat Days, which basically serve as an excuse for calorific intake (excessive); whereas in reality, calorie control (REFEED) is necessary to guarantee results.

First of all, the main benefits will be hormonal readjustment to accelerate metabolism, leading to improved metabolism of both fats and carbohydrates:
  • Increased T3 (thyroid hormone that adjusts the speed of metabolism)
  • Increased Leptin (satiety “feeling full” hormone)

Accelerating Metabolism

There is no magic formula…

But we can definitely act to enhance and increase our metabolism. It’s somewhat complicated to control metabolism speed, but nevertheless we can increase the amount of calories we burn during physical exercise, in addition to the other activities we carry out during our day.

In fact, when someone comments that they have a fast metabolism, one of the reasons is usually because they are more active, or even more restless, than others.


The more active you are, the more calories you will burn …

Activities for an accelerated metabolism

Aerobic and Anaerobic Activity

These are great ways to use calories. Here, we can include both aerobic activities, such as walking, cycling, swimming, rowing… as well as anaerobic activities, where interval training HIIT proves to be an excellent tool.

The frequency and duration per week could be as follows:

  • Aerobic Activity, is what we consider as NEAT (“Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis). Everything which doesn’t come under scheduled exercise (walking, going from a stroll, cycling to get from A to B…)
  • Anaerobic Activity, 2 to 4 times a week, depending on our physical condition, and lasting less than 30-45min

Strength Training

This revolves around lifting loads or weights and has a direct impact on stimulating growth and maintaining muscle mass. Another great benefit is with regard to improving bone health. The recommendation for these results would be sessions of 1 hour maximum, and through Full Body type routines, 2 to 3 days a week.

We can combine both activities, Aerobic and Anaerobic together with Strength Training, such as doing HIIT and Strength training on alternate days, while also doing aerobic, as we have mentioned, is something that we can try to do every day

Signs and symptoms of having an Accelerated Metabolism

Once we have implemented our protocol to achieve an accelerated metabolism, our body will begin to experience some physiological changes, such as the following:

Higher energy levels

The body will begin to mobilize its energy reserves to substitute additional calories to fulfill all its functions. Your energy system will become more efficient, which means that the first sign of having an accelerated metabolism is being more energetic.

Increased body heat

With an accelerated metabolism your body processes more energy, resulting in an increase in heat coming from your muscles. A symptom of having an accelerated metabolism is feeling hotter during different times of the day, especially during normal rest times.

Increased body sweating

When an increase in body temperature occurs, the body reacts in order to lower the temperature, producing sweat that later evaporates

Sweating is a normal physiological phenomenon that allows body temperature to be regulated and a constant temperature of around 37°C to be maintained.

It is important to know that if you experience more sweating you should increase your intake of fluids

Hormonal changes

A common hormonal change in men is increased levels of testosterone

Testosterone speeds up metabolism by trying to change the body into an anabolic state to deposit more protein in the muscles. With an increase in testosterone you can experience some changes such as feeling stronger, with a higher sex drive, more self-confidence and you will even recover before doing physical exercises.

Body changes

Increased breathing

If you do a very intense workout, your body will try to recover quickly, supplying more oxygen and nutrients to the muscles through the bloodstream, and as a result of this process, the heart and respiratory rate can increase for several days after the workout.

Increased heart rate

Generally speaking, having a high heart rate when resting is a sign that the person has a lack of physical activity.

But if you are a physically active person and train hard, and experience an increase in your heart rate, it can be a sign that your body is recovering from its workout. The body needs speed to recover at any time of the day and the metabolism can be accelerated for some time.

Very intense exercises usually lead to an increased heart rate , although it is necessary to be make sure that this symptom is not due to other causes

Less feeling of satiety (fullness)

An obvious sign that our metabolism is accelerating is that we need to eat more food to feel full

In addition, the feeling of satiety (fullness) lasts less time.


This occurs because your body digests food much faster by activating more digestive enzymes and thus enabling it to break down essential nutrients for muscle resconstruction

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