Full Body Routine for Beginners

Full Body Routine for Beginners

It is your first day at the gym. The first thing you do when you arrive there is to let your backpack in the changing room and then, you go to the machine room. You find the monitor and, while feeling a little nervous, you ask him what you should do. Then, like always, he gives you a sheet with a routine that he took from a drawer… This is the story that always repeats itself. Who has not experienced something similar? Because I did. Fortunately, there are many resources and information nowadays so that even beginners can start to question things, at least to be able to confront this type of situations…

Training for Beginners

There are several reasons why someone would start going to the gym like, for example, to stay fit, improve the physical aspect, improve in other sports…, everyone has an objective. That is why we should analyze and offer the best for each case. Beginners should also inform about their interests (maybe playing basket, which is why the gains of the gym may improve our performance at that discipline…). Regardless, the important thing is to take the first step in that direction and start to benefit from training with weights.

Dumbbells - Gym

Promise that you will always put the dumbbells back in their place once you are done with them… Do not make the same mistakes 🙂

Knowing the Correct Technique

This is basic and essential. Do not run if you still do not know how to walk…. the most important thing when you start training is to learn the basic movement patterns, specially if you have never had any contact with weights before. Experienced people can help you to avoid the mistakes that we all have made at some point. How do we know what is the right technique?. There is always someone at the gym who is there to help you, if not, there are many resources on the Internet such as videos and tutorials, even though it may be a little more complicated to get the gist of it, but it is a good way to start as well.

Learning to execute the exercises

Make sure that you have mastered the technique before increasing the amount of weight…

Tips for Beginners

  • Nobody holds the absolute truth in the world of training, but some are close…
  • Contrast different opinions always
  • Do not judge a book by its cover, you may be surprised
  • Make a training group
  • Set yourself specific and short-term objectives
  • Do not force progress, everything will come in time as long as you have chosen the right path
  • Remember that everyone is continuously learning new things, so do not stop asking if you have any doubts
  • Do not be overconfident even if you progress very quickly

Tips for beginners

You can trust me…

Why a Full Body Routine for Beginners?

Full body routines are a extremely effective system to start training and it is a way to start knowing the basic exercises: squat, deadlift, military and bench press, using the ideal frequency and volume apart from taking advantage of the given hormone environment of the beginner to achieve a consistent progress.

Push ups, basic exercises

Training 3 days a week should be enough for now…

What are we going to Achieve with the Full Body Routine for Beginners?

  • Make our first contact with the world of bodybuilding and weights
  • A solid base
  • Knowing the technique
  • Increase our muscle strength
  • Gain muscle mass
  • Lower the percentage of fat
  • Motivation to follow new strategies

What are the benefits of a full body routine

Training Strength in a Full Body Routine

That is right. We are going to work with more weights and less reps while doing the basic exercises. Since we still do not need to measure our RM, we are going to use our effort perception or intensity of the set. It will be hard to this with the first sessions, but we will slowly start to understand our own body. With this, we mean that we should find a weight that will always allow us to have two reps in reserve.

Number of reps

Always keep in mind that should stop two reps before failure

Doubts about Full Body Routine for Beginners

  • How long should I do this routine?

    Until you get tired of it…There is no reason to change the focus unless you are looking for more specific objectives. In this case, we would start training with other frequency, adding more volume. My advice is to keep on going with the full body routine for beginners at least for 3 months.

  • How long should I rest between sets?

    This is quite subjective, some people may need more time than others. We should be recovered enough to be able to face the whole set. In some cases, it may take a couple of minutes or even less. We will rest this time limit if we perform multi-joint or basic exercises.

  • How can I progress?

    At the beginning, the strength gains are notorious, they grow exponentially. Unfortunately, once we reach a limit we tend to get stuck, at least most mortals do. That is why we can increase the weight moderately, between 2.5-5kg each week depending on the exercise. If we do not manage to do the expected number of reps, we will use the same weight the following week.

  • What pattern should we follow?

    We are going to use a very typical pattern: ABA – BAB. Leave always a day to rest apart from the weekend. In this way, we will train with frequency 2 of the basics, at least every two weeks.

  • Can we train the rest of the days?

    Of course, I actually recommend it, in this sense, we can do some metabolic circuit one or two days at most, even using Kettlebells and, of course, do not forsake cardio: one or two days of HIIT, like Fartlek.

  • When should we work the abdomen?

    Even if you do not believe it, you are already working this area just by doing squats, deadlift…. If you want to add some extra exercises you can do so at the end of the workout or even after finishing the cardio/metabolic circuit days. Some of the best exercises are: Isometric Plank and Ab Wheel.

  • What about biceps and triceps?

    Keep calm, let’s go back to what we said before. You should focus on knowing the technique of the most important exercises. There will be time to change the patterns. Even if we do not work them directly, exercises like the bench press enhance these muscles. If you want, you can add some biceps curl…

Pull ups

3 Days of Full Body Routine for Beginners

Bench Press46
90º Row38-10
Chest Dips4failure-2
Supine Pull ups4failure-2
Military Press46
Pull ups4failure-2
Row with dumbbell310 per arm
Inverse Lunges with dumbbells310 per leg
Do not be fooled by its simplicity, since I believe that this includes the best exercises that can be learned during this initial period

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Progress - 100%

Adherence to the Training - 100%

Strength Gains - 100%

Fat loss - 100%

Increased muscle mass - 100%


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