Lose weight according to Age

Lose weight according to Age

During the life cycle, the fundamental elements to lose weight according to age are: adequate nutrition and physical exercise, few more secrets

Losing weight is possible at any age

As the years progress, hormones, metabolism, body composition and other factors that limit the achievement of a fit body change

An important rule to follow for weight control at all stages of life is to adjust and regulate these two parameters:

  1. The energy we ingest with food
  2. The amount of energy we consume with exercise.

It is very possible, for mostly physiological reasons, that over time we suffer an increase in body weight.

Healthy Habits

However, by adopting the right habits in our lifestyle it is possible to lose weight

Below are some recommendations in this regard, according to the different decades of life, from 20 years of age

Lose Weight at 20…

In this decade, the bad habit of consuming fast food that is high in calories and low in nutrients is generally

This usually causes problems of being overweight, which could lead to obesity if the necessary measures are not taken.

In this cycle of 20, it is generally uncommon to prioritize the practice of physical exercise, because attention is paid to other interests, such as: studies, entry into the world of work, having a partner, going out party, etc, and the excuse is lack of time both to exercise and to plan meals, according to a balanced diet.

Runners lose weight

The key to losing weight during this decade lies in changing your lifestyle

It is not about eating less, but about eating better. Among the essential foods are: fish, red meat, fruits, legumes, eggs… preferably skimmed dairy products and make a complete breakfast.

In the same way, you also have to exercise effectively: not only do you have to move more, but do it better

Lose Weight at 30…

According to expert opinion, biologically the optimal level is reached at 25-30 years of age

From the age of 30 a decline begins that forces us to be more attentive to what is happening to our health. Some signs of aging begin to appear, such as wrinkles or hair loss.

In addition to the visible signs, there is also a decrease in metabolism. For this reason, from the age of 30, a diet rich in nutrients but low in calories is recommended, in addition to eating enough protein, since they are essential to increase the firmness of the tissues.

Another aspect to consider from the age of 30 is that the loss of muscle mass begins in a smooth and gradual manner, reducing strength. In addition, in women osteopenia begins to appear.

Multi-joint exercises

Hence the importance of physical exercises that work the strength of the muscle mass, such as squats, strides, and in general all exercises of strength

Lose Weight at 40…

In this decade the metabolism continues to decline, thus conditioning the daily caloric expenditure

For this reason, we need fewer calories than before and if we continue to eat the same, we tend to gain weight instead of maintaining the weight as we did before with the same diet.

Menopause appears in women and the problems derived from the hormonal change that it entails.
Depending on each woman’s condition, she will have to make a nutritional change, incorporating more calcium into her diet

Similarly, you have to do exercises that strengthen the bones. The ideal is to run if you have good joints to do cardio, otherwise we will do cardio without impact, like cycling and another good option is again strength training.

In men, during this cycle the andropause is already noticeable due to the drop in testosterone and it is very important to work on muscle strength, assuming 80 percent of the exercise that you practice.

Reduce menopausal symptoms

With hormonal changes in both sexes it is common to gain a few extra kilos

To counteract this effect, in terms of diet, it is recommended to reduce salt in meals to avoid retention and increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Whole foods and proteins also help with weight loss while carbohydrate intake should be controlled

Lose Weight at 50…

A cycle begins in which the metabolism slows down and, consequently, losing weight becomes a hard task since hormonal changes also make this difficult

In the case of some women, osteoporosis or menopause manifests itself, so that it is important to strengthen strength exercises and include others for joint mobility, such as stretching, water exercises, yoga, etc.

As for men, during this decade some have already accumulated visceral fat in the abdomen area. This type of fat causes an increased risk cardiovascular that we should avoid everything the possible.

As can be understood, the difficulties in losing weight in this age group are similar to the previous ones but are accentuated by the appearance of obstacles to physical exercise due to limited mobility or due to appearance of other respiratory or cardiac diseases, so early mobilization and active exercise are essential.

Regarding the nutritional aspect, the consumption of fat and salt should be reduced, as well as increasing the protein content, which is more filling and does not contain as many calories

Group Food

Vegetables, fruits, and fiber foods should also be used

Lose Weight at 60, 70, 80…

In this decade it is possible to have problems in mastication and swallowing

In easy-to-chew and crushed diets, the intake of carbohydrates is usually increased and protein consumption is reduced. For this reason, it is necessary to make dietary adaptations that ensure a correct protein intake.

Physical exercise is important because loss of muscle mass speeds up.

Lose weight late in life

Both men and women have to strengthen their muscles and try to maintain the proper weight

If for whatever reason you can’t do as much we should control even more the intake of carbohydrates such as rice, pasta, potatoes or legumes


Finally, it is important to highlight that physical exercise practiced on a regular basis is beneficial in any decade, it should be a preventive medicine prescribed by the primary care doctor.

In addition to helping us maintain the ideal weight, it improves our well-being and prevents us from suffering future illnesses


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