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Thermal Bags

Thermal bags to carry your meals. Here you will find an exclusive selection of the best bags and backpacks to transport your meals comfortably and without leaks.

Elegant, safe, very useful and at a great price in HSN.

Table of contents

Thermal Bags for Food

The Thermal Bags to transport food are a necessary accessory for all of those who want to follow their diet even when they spend long periods of time away from home.

Most of them have compartments where you can put frozen bars in order to keep your meals cool. Other models have a special space for our laptop.

What should we look out for when choosing a Thermal Bag?

When facing all the different types of Thermal Bags, we must choose the best one for us according to our needs:

  • How many meals we eat
  • Space for sportswear if we go to the gym before going back home
  • Being able to transport our shaker in order to drink our protein
  • Using it as a travelling bag 
  • Additional pockets and compartments
  • Padded areas to transport fragile items
  • The material they are made of

Types of Thermal Bags

As we have seen, apart from taking our meals to the office, we can use Thermal Bags to carry our sport equipment, for example.

There are many different types of Thermal Bags, but here we will describe some of them:

  • The Pac: It is a small bag, ideal for thosewho just want to transport one meal and a dessert to work. It is very light and made of neoprene. 
  • Transporter Duffel: A complete backpack that will allow you to travel anywhere with your meals, sportswear, and casual clothing.
  • The Box: A best seller, it will help you transport your meals, because it contains two containers, as well as a shaker for our powder supplements and a pillbox.

Where can I buy Thermal Bags?

Here, you can buy your Thermal Bags to transport your meals while keeping them fresh. In this category you will find an exclusive range of the best bags to transport your meals comfortably and without leaks.